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Cellink BTG-7000

Cellink BTG-7000
Description receiver
GNSS 16 channels
chipset: Sony
augmentation: waas;egnos
DOP: hdop
Memory Internal: 32MB (125.000 max logging).
Integrated equipment 4 Leds, 2 buttons (power, pairing), Rubberized housing
Connectivity bluetooth,antenna
Emblem-question.svg addresses Emblem-question.svg points of interest
Emblem-question.svg mass storage mode Emblem-question.svg Waterproof
Price 55£

Works great with the Nokia N800 with "Maemo Mapper" application, and the Treo 650 with the "Cetus GPS" application. Usually sees 7–12 satellites.

  • Outputs NMEA statements at 1Hz