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logo Chambéry, Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France
latitude : 45.5822, longitude : 5.9064
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Chambéry (Savoie, Rhône-Alpes) est une petite ville en France à la latitude 45°34′55,92″ Nord et la longitude 5°54′23,04″ Est.

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Chambéry is the capital of the department of Savoie, in Rhône-Alpes, France.

Mapping Parties



Most of street were created for Chambery "intra-muros", with good tagging, but many are missing in nearby municipalities...


La Ravoire








STAC (bus network) routes status

During 2012, the network has been reworked and some informations into the OSM database are wrong / inaccurate. This section has to be cleaned up. In addition, it is planned during 2014 that the bus exchange area will be moved in the west of the "Elephants place".

Here is a table that aims to sum up the status (Some of these lines (see pdf) are accessible exclusively by phone reservation, they have not been added to the table) :

Reference Color Path from / to Status
1 cd0811 Parc relai maison brulée - Éléphants route_master: first / Backwards
2 009037 Plage - Université Jacob route_master: first / backwards
2D 009037 ESC - Éléphants route_master: first / backwards
3 6399DF Grands Champs - Médipole / Stade Saint-Jeoire route_master: first / backwards
4 F3EE4A Chevalière / Chamoux - Champet To be checked
5 FA7B08 De Gaulle - Éléphants To be checked
6 f1a1bc Lycée Louis Armand - Université Jacob To be checked
7 010570 Roc Noir - Gare To be checked
8 800073 Stade Saint-Jeoire - Éléphants To be checked
9 4578ba Éléphants - Salins To be checked
10 fff381 De Gaulle - Lycée Louis Armand Nothing done
11 b9004d Saint-Louis du Mont - Éléphants Nothing done
12 5787af Saint-Louis du Mont - Collège de Maistre Nothing done
13 8673a7 Rages / Fournet - Cévennes Nothing done
15 b1c800 Les Venats - Collège H. Bordeaux Nothing done
16 c37eb0 Hameau de la Batie - Mairie Barby / Collège Jean Mermoz Nothing done
17 88bce2 Grillon - École L. Pergaud Nothing done
18 f4c172 Avenue d'Annecy - Éléphants Nothing done
19 e9df00 Pragondran - Boulodrome / Éléphants Nothing done
20 be8435 Haut des Lamettes - Pré Martin Nothing done
21 f4a68f Le Carré - Cévennes Nothing done
22 ee87a7 Galion - Champet Nothing done
23 e3a862 Chef Lieu - Collège de Maistre Nothing done
25 91ae78 Collège de Maistre - Éléphants Nothing done
26 00a276 Gotteland - Éléphants Nothing done
27 387975 De Gaulle - Éléphants Nothing done
N1 cd0812 Lycée Louis Armand - Debussy Nothing done
N2 919212 Jean Jaurès > Hopital > Éléphants > Gare - Éléphants > Hopital > Jean Jaurès Nothing done