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CCCamp 2019 or Chaos Communication Congress 2019 is 21–25 August 2019 at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg (location) near Berlin.

Schedule / Fahrplan open

OSM village: probably not (everybody seems to be in other villages)

OSM stand? Attached to a village?

Congress Wiki: open

Event Blog

Rocket Chat

Tickets: ( We got a presale voucher. contact Marc )

wiki Ziegeleipark Mildenberg

Who Is Coming

  • Marc 16.-25.8, Germany (Ticket vorhanden)
  • xamanu ?-25.8, Germany (has a ticket)
  • elopio, Costa Rica (has a ticket)
  • Moritzm, ?-25.8, Germany, Berlin (has a ticket)
  • if you want to come but don't have a ticket, write an email to Marc

Equipment for the stand

What will be brought to the assembly

  • Big screen
  • Raspi
  • Camera drone
  • Camera (tbd, for shooting imagery from a drone)
  • Android phones (for field mapping)
  • Printer (always a good idea, and we might want to use the imagery on some field papers)
  • tbd

Who can bring X to the assembly?

  • tbd

What to show

  • Round trip of mapping There are ideas to partner up with the drone area, gather in a group of interested people to take airborne imagery with a drone flight, process it with OpenDroneMap, publish it in OpenAerialMap and use it as a background layer for a mapping session. People would learn-as-we-go, enriching each others with their fields of expertise and learn together to do the whole cycle of mapping.

What can we do better

  • ...