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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

latitude: 51.89, longitude: -2.07
Browse map of Cheltenham 51°53′24.00″ N, 2°04′12.00″ W
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Cheltenham is a town in Gloucestershire at latitude 51°53′24.00″ North, longitude 2°04′12.00″ West.


Coverage of Cheltenham overall is good. Boundary for the borough district is almost complete relation 184094. All suburbs are nearing completion. See below table for more information on suburbs and villages in the area. Work has been started on administrative and political boundaries within the district.

Suburbs and villages

This is a list of Cheltenham's suburbs and villages that are within easy reach of the town with a measure of completeness in various types of map feature. This is to assist users in choosing somewhere to go mapping.

Place Streets and Rights of Way Landuse Barriers Amenities Post Boxes Public Transport

County Council divisions

Division Relation Progress Comments

Civil Parishes

This is an incomplete list of civil parishes in Cheltenham. For parishes in adjacent districts please see Tewkesbury and Cotswold.

Parish Relation Progress Comments
Swindon relation 193109 100% Largely from NPE, accuracy is probably not very high
Up Hatherley relation 318475 Bits from NPE only