Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio

latitude: 41.4834, longitude: -81.675
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Cleveland is a city in Ohio at latitude 41°29′00.24″ North, longitude 81°40′30.00″ West.

Well-Mapped and Up to Date Areas

  • The Towpath Trail
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Downtown Cleveland (most businesses, buildings and building heights, and many addresses)
  • University Circle and CWRU Campus
  • Detroit Avenue in Cleveland
  • Many Northeast Ohio's parks have been mapped, particularly in Cleveland's eastern suburbs and Northeast Ohio.
  • Cleveland Metroparks (parks, nature reserves) and most amenities within the Cleveland Metroparks boundaries by Cleveland Metroparks employees (tkraft24, smathermather)

What needs to be mapped:

So much still left to map !

  • Some suburbs have had minimal improvement since the TIGER import.
  • Amenities like Churches, schools, parks, cemeteries, and Post offices were added during the GNIS Import. Most of them are represented as nodes instead of ways and are sometimes incorrectly placed on the map a few hundred feet from their actual locations. Some of these have since closed or changed names since added.
  • The CSU college campus can be improved

Innerbelt / Outdated Imagery / GPS traces

Significant reconstruction to the I-90 bridge that runs through the southern end of downtown Cleveland, known locally as the Innerbelt, occurred from 2011 - October 2016. As a result, GPS traces, aerial imagery, and even some Mapillary images do not match what is currently on the ground and mapped. Its status in OSM is kept current with what's on the ground.

There is also extensive construction in parts of Cleveland - particularly Downtown (Flats East Bank project, Cleveland State Campus), The Cleveland Clinic Campus, and University Circle neighborhood so the aerial imagery may not match what is really there and mapped.

The Opportunity Corridor is a newer highway completed in 2022; aerial imagery does not match what's mapped on the ground.


(Note this specifically applies to the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County)

For several years (2012-2017) Bing's imagery was the most up to date, highest resolution, and was generally used to map many features then.

As of early 2023, popular imagery layers are dated from the the following:

Maxar Premium Imagery is from Spring 2021 although it has very low resolution.

ESRI World Imagery is also from Spring 2021 but also has low resolution.

The Cuyahoga County imagery is from fall 2020: It is a WMTS layer which means as of this writing, it cannot be added to the iD editor[1] and can only be used with the JOSM editor . The URL for the imagery is wmts: When you add it as an imagery layer to JOSM, please use the layer that has its matrix set identifier set as default028mm.

Bing's imagery in summer 2020

The OSIP 6 inch imagery; available in iD and JOSM, is from mid-2017; 6-inch pixel resolution, and is used by the State of Ohio (it's very accurate). You may notice that some buildings may not exactly the OSIP 6inch imagery; that's because they were probably made with bing or mapbox satellite.

MapBox's Satellite imagery is from early 2017.

ESRI World Imagery (Clarity) is from fall 2015 or 2016.

Active Mappers in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

A few active mappers based in the Cleveland or Northeast Ohio if you have questions.

[skorasaurus] mostly the city of Cleveland itself and Lakewood, OH.

[wlgann] near Eastern suburbs (Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights) of Cleveland, downtown Cleveland

[tenofobix] Highland Heights

[unigami] Far east suburbs of Cleveland; parks and nature reserves

[dns10] Cleveland; bicycling/pedestrian infrastructure

[JaniceG] East side of Cleveland, particularly University Circle and Cleveland Heights


OSM in the Community

There's Open Cleveland

Contact [skorasaurus] for more information.

Past OSM-specific Events


OSM editathon at Open Cleveland's National Day of Civic Hacking


OSM editathon at Open Cleveland's National Day of Civic Hacking


October 19 - OSM Fall Edit-a-Thon [1]

April 20 - OSM Edit-a-thon - Recap

March 18th - Meetup event page

Jan. 24th 7p - meetup event page OSM Diary Recap

past Before regrouping and merging to become Open Geo Cleveland, there were a couple informal OSM meetings in April and August 2012.