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This page holds the details for the mapping party organised on the 18th of April 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We have several sets of POIs collected by the teams that need to be added to OSM. For each POI set there are a list of photos describing the POIs. Here is how you can edit the map:

  • make sure you have an OSM account. If you don't create one at
  • have a 5 min. look at the Potlatch Editor to get the basics
  • click the 'Edit link' for a track. You will be taken to the Potlatch editor. You'll be requested to sign in
  • WAIT until the editor loads the map then press SHIFT+G. You should see the track appearing (and some numbers corresponding to the waypoints)
  • open one of the photo links and start adding POIs to the map
  • any troubles, don't panic, ask for help. mapping is fun!

Track no. Track description Comment Edit link (click this link to start editing the map) Photo links
1 Echipa 1 POI 83 to 97 done POI no. 83 to 97

POI no. 98 to 113
POI no. 114 to 146
POI no. 147 to 176

POI no. 177 to 204
2 Echipa 4-1 POI <Add your name if you edit the track> POI no. 89 to 112

POI no. 113 to 170

POI no. 171 to 195