Clwyd Mapping Party 2007

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The first North Wales mapping party has been postponed (see 'when' section below).


The Clwyd Special Riding Centre is located in the village of Llanfynydd between the towns of Mold and Wrexham, North Wales. Around the area are lots of footpaths and roads linking plenty of (largely unmapped) local villages. The area around Llanfynydd also includes a country park, several fly fishing lakes, plenty of areas of historical interest, a few geocaches and, of course, the all important pub.

The area immediately around Llanfynydd is great for walkers as it has plenty of marked footpaths. Those with vehicles are probably best mapping the residential areas around Wrexham and Mold. Unfortunately cycling is more limited due to the hills but there are some areas nearby that shouldn't be too hard to reach.


The mapping party has been postponed due to not having enough confirmed participants with the shortage of weekends available at the accommodation. As another group wanted the June weekend the opportunity was given to them.

Possible future dates are:

  • November 16-18th
  • November 23-25th



  • Meet at the Clwyd Special Riding Centre for GPS units, project explanation, mapping areas, etc. Please let me know if/when you intend to come on the Friday so I can be around to meet you.
  • ~7pm - Evening meal on site (please let me know if you want this, dietary requirements, etc, in advance!). Suggestions for menu welcome.


  • 9-10am - Breakfast (suggestions, please), GPS units, explanations, etc.
  • 10-6pm - Head off to various areas.
  • 7pm - Cross Keys, Llanfynydd, for evening meal, to download track logs and compare notes.


  • 9-10am - Breakfast (suggestions, please), GPS units, explanations, etc.
  • 10-5pm - Head off to various areas.
  • 5pm - Back to CSRC to download track logs, compare notes, say farewell. Arrangements can be made for people needing to leave early.

Current Coverage

Slippy map centred on Llanfynydd

Llanfynydd OSM@home render


There are regular train services to Wrexham from Chester and hourly services from Shrewsbury. There is also a direct service from Birmingham half past every odd hour during the day. The nearest station to Llanfynydd is Caergwrle, with hourly services to/from Wrexham and Bidston, but it is still a half hour walk over Hope Mountain to Llanfynydd itself.

There are bus services (40, 41) from Wrexham, Chester and Mold direct to the village but these are not particularly regular. Let me know if you want more information on these.


There is accommodation available at the centre for a small fee (around £10/night). However, due to the nature of the organisation (a charity for people with special needs) there is the additional requirement that at least one member of the group has a special need (although dyslexia, autism, lazy eye, arthritis, hip replacement, wooden leg, etc, should cover it) as it has to be seen to benefit someone.

If anyone would like use of the accommodation, please email Higgy at so I can make bookings. Let me know which nights you'd be able to come (any time from Thursday to Monday is available if required but I'll need to know in advance). Also, if anyone has a disability they don't mind disclosing privately that'll satisfy that requirement.

Who's coming