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General Information

2015 Salgar Colombia landslide
Members of the OpenStreetMap and Humaniatarian OpenStreetMap Team Communities are monitoring the situation in Salgar, Colombia regarding the landslide on 18 May 2015.
Information can be found here: [1]

AOI - Salgar, Antioquia, Colombia. Source: OCHA

For Aid Organizations

Map and Data Services

Map showing the editing activity of OSM contributors during LandSlides Salgar 2015

About OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap offers an online map (and spatial database) which is updated by the minute. Various tools and services allow data extracts for GIS specialists, Routable Garmin GPS data, Smartphone GPS navigation, and other device-compatible downloads. With an internet connection, regular syncing is possible with open access to the community contributed data as it comes in, with OpenStreetMap's bulk data downloads ideal for use offline. In addition, maps can also be printed to paper.

Browse the Area of Interest to get a feel for the data that is currently available. Different map styles including an Humanitarian style can be selected on the right side, and some data may not render (appear) on the map, but could be exported from the underlying database (See export section below).

Paper Maps

  • OCHA Poster Map (A0)


  • MapOSMatic Salgar urban area

Salgar Urban Area. Updated 11/06/2015.

Poster size Maps and normal sized paper atlases of custom areas can be printed:

  • FieldPapers Paper Maps with grid for field survey or general navigation purposes,
  • MapOSMatic Large Paper Maps with grid, street index and POI, good for command centers, hospitals, etc.

Exporting OpenStreetMap data

See Downloading data for instructions on getting large scale map data. See Shapefiles if you need this format to export to GIS tools.

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Offline Road Navigation with small devices

With the availibility of Small communication devices, Navigation Offline data proves to be very useful to the humanitarians deployed in foreign countries. We support the humanitarian NGO's using navigation data and invite them to give us feedback on the utilization of these devices in the context of field deployment.

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Usage of OSM data for Humanitarian Missions

About This Mapping Project

The HOT Activation Working Group contact is activation at


Humberto Yances, HOT and Local OSM community member is currently monitoring this situation.

Support Team

Russell Deffner is helping with communication via email and the english text of this wiki.

Other Responses including Digital Humanitarian Network

  • International Disaster Charter (OCHA & UNGDR) under discussion
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For Mappers

  • HOT Coordinator(s) monitoring

How You Can Contribute

Learn to Map

  • Most of our volunteer needs are for remote OSM contributors, visit to get started.
  • Additional guidance for tagging in the area can be found at Colombia

Mapping Priority

Please refer to this video for mapping instructions. There are offsets in the area of interest for Bing imagery, please refer to this video to learn how to make proper adjustments


Please map all landslides hazards using this tags: hazard_type=landslide and geological=mass_movement

Task Manager projects

The following projects have been set-up on the OSM Tasking Manager (Tareas instance). The complete list of HOT projects for this 2015 Salgar, Antioquia, Colombia event are all listed (alongside others) on :

  Job No.      Location What to map Imagery expiration Task Mapping Status Task Validation Status
Task#13 Salgar Roads, buildings and waterways. N/A Completed Archived
Task#14 Salgar Roads, buildings and waterways. Peaks, valleys and ridges. N/A Completed Completed

Response maps

  • A uMap of the area is here: [2]

Available Imagery

Pre-Distaster Imagery

Federación Nacional de Cafeteros

New imagery with high resolution (20cm/px) is avaible thanks to Federación Nacional de Cafeteros.


Bing is the 'default' Imagery available for OSM (default option in most editors). The Bing imagery coverage for the area is good, alternative imagery sources may be provided in the Task Manager Jobs, and/or described below.

There are offsets in the area of interest for Bing imagery, please refer to this video to learn how to make proper adjustments


Mapbox provides a good alternative if there are clouds or just for a second view.

Post-Disaster Imagery

International Charter

Under analysis between OCHA & UNGRD if Charter will be activated


Iniciative undergoing

  • 21/05/2015:[Drone Aerial Pictures offer] Jorge Luis Rodriguez, Geodrone SAS Manager offer drone for aerial pictures, requires support for travel expenses. This is his message send to talk-co list: "Actualmente soy el gerente de una empresa de asesoría y consultoría en vehículos aéreos no tripulados, GeoDrone S.A.S, y queremos poner a disposición de la OCHA, OpenStreetMap, UNGRD, nuestros plataformas y equipo de trabajo, que comprende Drones o UAVs de tipo Ala fija, Multirotor, y personal calificado en las áreas de geomática, fotogrametría y percepción remota. Nosotros podemos destinar 3 personas de nuestro personal técnico, para el levantamiento de las imágenes aéreas junto con las plataformas necesarias, así mismo el post-procesamiento de la información que se adquiera en campo. Lo único que requerimos, es el apoyo por parte de ustedes en cuanto al desplazamiento y la estadía en el lugar de la zona afectada."
  • 22/05/2015: Thanks to Creative Commons Foundations support, transport is now possible from Medellín to Salgar, post-disaster aerial pictures are planned to be taken this weekend.
  • 23/05/2015: Task could not be acomplished because close of aerial space due President of Colombia visit. OSM Colombia community maintain focus and is looking for new resources for logistics to rerun.
  • 15/06/2015: Succesfuly around 15 Ha. of imagery were taken using UAV thanks to Geodrone SAS and Fredy Rivera from Querty. More aerial pictures to come.

Lessons learned: Predisaster imagery requires to map high elements as power/communication towers, so UAV flights could be better planned. Bests practices and firts mapping results will be shared at 16/06/2015 crisis coordination room, with aid and goverment institutions.

  • 25/06/2015: 3D rendering published from one of the disaster areas.

Potential Datasources

Imports sources

Third Party Data Imports - Coordination Page ABORTED!

Historical Maps

  • Provide links to historical maps of the impacted area here...

Mapathon events

Bing/Mapbox imagery

New imagery events

  • Crisis Mapping Workshop, Bogotá, Cl. 44#8-50 ap. 201. 13/06/2015. 12 pax.

Others Crisis Mapping Events

Past Events

Other Links

GPX Tracks

OsmAnd files

This files can be used in OsmAnd mobile app for on field rescue activities:

On field pictures

  • Flickr published pictures from 23/05/2015 visit.
  • Mapillary published pictures from 23/05/2015 visit.

Legal staff about risk & disaster management in Colombia