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Comber, Ontario, Canada
latitude: 42.2330, longitude: -82.5522
Browse map of Comber 42°13′58.80″ N, 82°33′07.92″ W
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Comber is a village in Ontario, Canada at latitude 42°13′58.80″ North, longitude 82°33′07.92″ West.

About this map

The interchange with Highway 401 has changed recently. OSM shows the new Eastbound on / off ramps before other sources!

The tracing of Comber is incomplete. Please complete the area around the missing section of Taylor Avenue and the east side of Main Street. Abbott Street needs to be traced and placed. The Westbound 401 ramps should be added.

How you can help

Are you familiar with Comber, Ontario? It would be wonderful if the Fairgrounds could be added in detail. And perhaps the school and stores as well.