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The Communities Page is located at as part of the web front end. This was added in 2020 and is undergoing continued development.

The idea of the communities page is to support groups of mappers in a local region or mappers with a similar interest (e.g. rails to trails). Primarily, but not limited to, this feature is to support small and local groups of mappers at the city level.

It will also be integrated with the OSM Community Index. It will also provide support for community membership, organizers, events, and event rsvp.

Formerly known as "microcosms".

Collaborators include Cliff Snow, Adam Hoyle, and Local Chapters and Communities Working Group.


There was a video presentation about microcosms at State of the Map US 2019. It is hoped that a features like this could help with building local communities.


The plan for version "1.0" were the following features:

  • communities
    • create
    • read
    • update
    • not delete
  • links for communities
  • reporting spammy communities
  • membership
    • join
    • leave
    • multiple organizers - step up, and step down
  • events
  • event organizers
  • event attendance, RSVP

It was under active development on a the osm-microcosm github project, and an open github pull-request to solicit feedback.

Based on feedback from project leaders, this pull request was considered too large to review.

1.0 - "take two"

Brian decided to break it up into 4 stages based mostly on rails resources.

4 PR Stages of Communities
stage components branch name PR status
1 community, 1 organizer, create, show, edit, spam control, community links - 47 files communities-communities #3717 PR submitted, rebased from 106 commits to 10, all new code covered by tests, all tests passing
2 memberships, join, leave, multiple organizers - 28 files communities-membership #3742

delta from stage 1

PR submitted, rebased from 50 to 5 commits, all new code covered by tests, all tests passing
3 events and event organizers, events page, events page for users - 27 files communities-events #3751

delta from stage 2

PR submitted, rebased from 28 commits to 2 commits
4 event attendance, RSVP communities-rsvps #3756

delta from stage 3

PR submitted, rebased 17 commits to 1 commit

Each stage includes 100% coverage by automated tests.

Most of the comments for stage 1 are in this PR #3683.


Ideas for version "2.0":

  • diary pages for members of a communities
  • diary entries in the geographic area of a community
  • gps traces for members of a community
  • gps traces in the geographic area of a community
  • community mode of being geographic or interest based
  • your idea here!


Yes there's a lot of overlap with PR 3301 ( Brian thinks, with some finesse, we can merge the two ideas.

Communities/CommunityIndex Microcosms/Communities
Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 18-20-54 OpenStreetMap.png
Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 18-17-23 OpenStreetMap.png
Has all communities according to the OSM Community Index ( Currently displaying just the Local Chapters. Has just the communities that want to host some operations on
no activites membership, events, rsvps
Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 18-42-21 OSM Community Index.png

For reference here's the OSM Community Index map, a nice way to find your community, as long as it's geographically based.