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How to Help the Community Updates

OSM-CUs are still young, so there are many things to do:

  • Be a writer : Follow the mailing lists, blogs or other source of info about osm and add it the the hint page: Draft
  • Be a reviewer : When news are written, correct the information written and check about spelling or grammar ( We are not all perfect writers ;) )
  • Be a translator : It's always enjoyable to read news in our mother language. if you can translate or review translation of a news, do it :D
  • Be a publisher : When news are written and not in draft anymore, publish it on a blog or a diary to spread the word :)
  • Be a recruiter : You can't do anything above? just find people to do it :D


User monitors...
User:EMerzh founder
user:!i! German forum, web in general
tagging,talk,talk-de,announce mailinglists

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