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Just drop me a line here, what you think is important for the next CU. Please point to the original source, too.

To Be Added

  • 04-07-2011: Ordnance Survey open maps are officially compatible with ODbL [1][2]
  • 05-07-2011: new release 0.2.6 of NaviPOWM
  • 09-07-2011: South Sudan is on the map [3]
  • 10-07-2011: A video tutorial for Relation Toolbox JOSM plugin is online, with English subtitles.
  • 11-07-2011: Komяpa and Hind made a userscript to show more info for GPX tracks.
  • 13-07-2011: new data source for aerial photos that can be used to create OSM data is released by Austrian authorities [4]
  • 15-07-2011: Richard Fairhurst released a very alpha version of Halcyon/PDF renderer [5] , related to Halcyon
  • Pascal Neis released OSMFight to compare userstats in mini-battles --!i! This user is member of the wiki team of OSM 22:08, 20 July 2011 (BST)
  • Ken Snyder (Placesmatters) introduces OSM HOT and their role for civic engagement to the Ford Foundation
  • a new routing library has been published: OsmSharp
  • 19-09-2011 new release of OSM2World 0.1.7 ... can read pbf files now
  • 04-10-2011 new release of OsmAnd 0.6.8 ... now with enhanced address search from offline data
  • 09-10-2011 there is progress in the development of Libosmscout, see [6]