Concord Mapping Party Mar2009

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A mapping party in Concord, California

What are mapping parties?

Mapping parties are events where anyone can come and participate in the OpenStreetMap project. OpenStreetMap is a free, open source map that can be contributed, edited and used by anyone anywhere. Mapping parties are social events where experienced and new mappers can meet to share and learn more about the project. The events are generally held in a public place, and allow time for discussion, mapping and editing. The event is open to all.

It's fun. It's free. You can help.

Many thanks to Mark Terranova of the, who is helping to co-organize the event.

More about Mapping parties

  • When: Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29th, 11am-4pm
  • Where: Panama Red Coffee Company (also listed as Panama Bay Cafe), 2151 Salvio Street, SuiteK Concord, CA 94520 [map]
  • Website:
  • Contact User:Sarah M Email: cell number: 631-338-3815
  • Event schedule:
Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 4pm
11:00 am: Introduction to OpenStreetMap for beginners.
11:30 am-2:30pm/3pm: Mapping time (walking/biking/driving)
2:00pm -4:00 pm: Uploading and Editing Map Data with refreshments and discussion.
4:00pm: Social event- drinks and discussion for whoever is interested, at a nearby eatery
Sunday (later times): Same Schedule
  • If you own a GPS or laptop computer, please bring it along. If not, we will have GPS units to loan.

Mapping objectives

To improve the map in the Concord area.

Mapping Party Suggestions

Please feel free to suggest locations and goals for this mapping event as well as future events.