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Cornwall, South West England

latitude: 50.259797, longitude: -5.125121
Browse map of Cornwall 50°15′35.27″ N, 5°07′30.44″ W
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Cornwall is a county in South West England at latitude 50°15′35.27″ North, longitude 5°07′30.44″ West.

The Ceremonial county of Cornwall, in the South West region of England is made up of the unitary authorities of Cornwall relation 57537 and the Isles of Scilly. The ceremonial county of Cornwall borders with Devon.

Mapping in Cornwall

Offline map displaying name:kw, and a road sign that displays Cornish and English names.

Some road and place signs include the Cornish name, you can map this with name:kw=*. Do not transliterate an English name into Cornish when there is no Cornish displayed or in common use.

Is that a wall or a hedge? We have started mapping Cornish Hedges by adding both barrier=hedge and hedge=cornish tags. The latter tag is not (knowingly) used by any data consumer. It could be used to render the hedges slightly differently, or to find out how many miles of Cornish Hedges have been mapped.

Towns in Cornwall UA

This is a list of the 15 most populace settlements within the unitary authority of Cornwall.

Taken from the Wikipedia article: List of places in Cornwall.