Corregidor Mapping Party

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This event is postponed until further notice.
OpenStreetMap of Corregidor
The Corregidor Mapping Party is an OpenStreetMap event that will be held on the weekend of May 22 to 23, 2010, on the historic island of Corregidor at the mouth of Manila Bay. Join us and help make the best free and open map of Corregidor!

What is a Mapping party?

Mapping parties are events where anyone can come and participate in the OpenStreetMap project. OpenStreetMap is a free and open source map that can be contributed, edited and used by anyone anywhere. Mapping parties are social events where experienced and new mappers can meet to share and learn more about the project. The events are generally held in a public place, and allow time for discussions, mapping and editing.

The event is open to all. Are you a newbie interested in OpenStreetMapping? We will help you get started right away. Are you a business owner who wants a map showing your business location? We can help get your business location in the map. Are you a Garmin GPS owner who wants a routable map in your device? We will load our map in your device.

It's fun. It's free. You can help.

Learn more about Mapping Parties in general.

Schedule of activities


Date and Time Venue Activity

What will we map?

General objectives

  • Create the best map of Corregidor that anyone can use and enjoy :-)
  • All historical markers (battle sites, batteries, building ruins, roads and trails)
  • Tourism attractions
  • Relation routes for the package tours

Cake Slices

Who will attend

Interested in helping out with the planning, organizing and logistics? Check out the planning page.