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So far OSM mapping has focused on urban areas, but this could be the year that countryside mapping takes off, particularly as there are Mapnik maps geared specifically for the countryside.

Upcoming events

Alps - Via Alpina - Summer 2012

Video trailer of the Via Alpina - Summer 2012 mapping party:

During Summer 2012, a group of hikers from 4 countries (among which some members of Alpine clubs) will contribute to the OpenStreetMap project in quite a particular fashion. They will hike in the Western Alps for about 80 days, from Monaco (departure in June), up to Switzerland, and back to the South (ending around mid-August). See Via Alpina.

Past events

Isle of Wight II - The Footpaths (UK)

Having mapped all the roads of the Isle of Wight last year, we could now turn our attention to the footpaths, focusing particularly on the southern and western areas where the nicest scenery is.

  • Suggested length: weekend
  • Time of year: April to October, any time. Combine with Isle of Wight walking festival?

Lake District Mapping Week (UK)

See Lake_District_Mapping_Week

Since the Lake District is one of the most popular walking areas in England, and arguably has the most dramatic scenery in the country, this could be an event which converts a lot of walkers to OSM. There are a range of footpaths covering high peaks, lower hills and valleys, so if the weather turns bad there's still lots of stuff to do.

  • Suggested length: whole week
  • Time of year: late June, early July or September

Count me in:

  • Steve8
  • Mikel

Probably interested:

Isle of Purbeck mapping weekend (Dorset, UK)

A small, compact area with some dramatic coastal scenery and open downland to the southwest of Bournemouth. Lots of footpaths and amongst the most popular walking areas in central southern England. Quite a lot could get done in a weekend with a coordinated effort. There's also a few towns, and quite a few villages, if non walking OSMers fancy coming down too.

  • Suggested length: weekend
  • Time of year: April to October

Count me in

  • Mikel

Probably interested:

Black Forest (Germany)

Thought of this one as I need an excuse for a walking holiday somewhere in mainland Europe :-) I've mentioned this already, and and several OSM people are in the area and have already expressed an interest in this.

Countryside to the north of Berlin (Germany)

A CCC camp event will be happening at the from august 8th to 12th 2007, mebbe we could do some heavy countryside mapping around there