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This was an event involving hiking in the black forest in summer 2007. It's not clear if the event ever actually happened though. It seems to be just ideas / rough plans

Location & accommodation

The preferred region was the Freiburg region. But as there are more OSM mappers in the Karlsruhe region, which is at the nothern end of the black forest, the "base camp" could even be there. The Karlsruhe mappers can assist you in finding accommodations. Don't hesitate to ask User:SlowRider. The main purpose is to meet and to have fun. If some mapping takes place as well - even better :) .


There are several ideas of areas we could visit. Feel free to add your recommendations:

  • Bad Herrenalb
  • Karlsruher Grat in Ottenhöfen, reachable by car in less than an hour
  • Feldberg? Not that nearby, 175km
  • Schauinsland, visiting its siver mine? Not that nearby as well
  • Strasbourg, 90km
  • One of the natural valleys where no car routes are found, like the southern Murg (not the one starting in Baiersbronn)

For some tours, GPS tracks can be found on the web. Ideally, we should choose routes where we can start altogether, then split in several branches and rejoin after some time, thus getting some more tracks than 10 times the same way ;-) . I can even imagine that we prepare GPS routes instead of using existing GPS tracks. Anyone with some knowledge about cool trails in the black forest?


The date has not been decided yet. Nick Whitelegg was the initiator of this event. Possible dates are

  • late July, 16th onwards. Note that "The State of the Map" 2007 OSM conference takes place during Jul. 14-15.
  • all of August
  • late September (15th onwards). We'd heavily depend on the weather then. No prob due to global warming ;-) ?


Name Preferred date(s) Accommodation needed Remarks
1 Christoph Eckert Any weekend. Will not be able to have holidays No If any questions occur, don't hesitate to contact me
2 Nick Whitelegg late July or Aug Yes Could do late Sep but late Jul/Aug better. Can do weekdays as well as weekends. Don't mind where the focus is but wouldn't mind going down to Freiburg area for at least a day or two.
3 Rik Any weekend, no preferences sofar I am a backpacker and will take my camp stuff with me I am new to openstreetmap, hopefully can make a quickstart this weekend.
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