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Skills: Linux desktop,Linux sysadmin, bash-programming, php, python, mysql, joomla, drupal, (x)html, css, xml. I got those skills in 7 years of self-education en online learning. My major goal is to continue developing my webdeveloping skills. I am looking for OS projects to get involved.

I am an addicted long distance walker, webmaster and active member of a dutch community of backpackers

My goals on OSM are:
1. Logging walking trails in the Netherlands for OpenStreetMap.
2. Organizing mappingparty's/-weekends for hikers.
3. Digitizing walkingroutes from guides, walkingmaps, etc.
4. Communication with authorithies to free 'walking'-data for OSM.

(oh by the way, earn my living as a part-time information analyst at a dutch waterboard)

My personal website:

You can reach me at rik AT the-quickest DOT com Reminder of major tags I am using





Maak een nieuwe relatie (alt-r in josm)

  • network=nwn (rood-wit/geel-wit)
  • ref=...
  • route=foot
  • type=route
  • name=Pieterpad

koppel een node of way aan de relatie in josm