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Diese Seite beschreibt fehlerhafte Karten von anderen Anbietern. Schwerpunkt ist der deutschprachige Raum.


Several thousand typos have been found by comparing OSM and lists of roads (Straßenschlüssel). See Talk:North_Rhine-Westphalia, Talk:Baden-Württemberg and Talk:Bavaria with parts Talk:Oberbayern and Talk:Niederbayern


Maps4DEbugs (still online but not used any more) is a website which was created in 2012 to prove surveying authorities in Germany how many errors their data has. See also the discussion about Maps4DEbugs at German OSM forum.

Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Karlsbad-Ittersbach Im Stöckmädle, Becker-Göring-Straße Google / Tele Atlas Tele Atlas seems to consider the southern curve of the street to be narrow or whatever. The track across the fields is what they defined to be the better street. Doh! Furthermore, they labeled part of the premises of Harman/Becker Automotive (a car radio and navigation system maker) to be Becker-Göring-Straße which was never so (a small dead end was but this was changed years ago). It's also a joke to see that Google says the images are (c) 2008 GeoContent but buildings that were built by H/B in 2002/03 and the whole street "Auf der Hub" isn't on them. [1]
Wildberg-Effringen Gewerbepark Bing/NavTeq A Part of the road "Hasenmerkle" is named in the NavTeq map as "Gewerbepark". This is completely false, such a road did never exist there, the whole road is named "Hasenmerkle". [2]


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Eisenbach, 88316 Isny/Allgäu; close to Kreuzthal, Buchenberg, Kempten/Allgäu <not applicable> Google Maps/Tele Atlas wrong extension for area localisation of a village name (this is a possible Easter Egg); Google: "Eisenbach (Hochschwarzwald)", correct: "Eisenbach (Allgäu)" - a difference of about 200 km air distance; correct in OSM [3]
Grafenrheinfeld Badesee Grafenrheinfeld Google Maps wrong lake tagged, the correct lake with the open-Air bath ist the next one to the east. Either it's an errata or its an Eater Egg. Also name should be: "Grafenrheinfelder Badesee" written together. [4]
Lindau/Bodensee Uferweg Google Maps/Tele Atlas On the western part of the island most roads are called "Uferweg" and two rectangular parking grids are shown. This is not really true since Uferweg just means footpath along the coast and the parking grid is obviousely just angled. It seems like some card designer resolved it a long time ago by simply putting some rectangles into his database instead of drawing the correct representation. [5]
Memmingen Schwabenstraße Google Maps/Tele Atlas There is a quite split road on the left end of Memmingen airfield that obviousely cannot be there. Either it's an errata or its an Eater Egg. OSM should do it better. [6]
Schweinfurt Athenstraße, Madridstraße, Lissabonstraße, Helsinkistraße, Oslostraße, Kopenhagenstraße, Genfstraße, Wienstraße Google all those roads have been planned for a commercial park, but have not been build until now. [7]
Veit-Stoß Straße Google The Road is not in the gardens of the houses [8]
Sennfeld Reichelshof/Am Prünkel Google Reichelshof does not extend over "Am Prünkel", there is my garden and cerainly no road. [9]
Würzburg Universität Bayreuth Google The Label Universität Bayreuth is wrong, the marked building is part of the Universität Wuerzburg [10]


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Bremen Beim Alten Michaeliskirchhof, Johanniskamp, Ortkamp doesn't exist
existiert nicht mehr
Bremen Bleicherpad,
Milchpad ISO 639 Icon de.svg existiert nicht mehr
ISO 639 Icon en.svg no public way any more
Bremen-Findorff Maria-Krüger-Straße Google/TeleAtlas doesn't exist
existiert nicht
Bremen-Gröpelingen Humannstraße Google/TeleAtlas kein Durchgang
school area is locked with gate
Bremen-Gröpelingen Luchtbergstraße Google/TeleAtlas closed for cars
keine Durchfahrt für Kfz


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Darmstadt Steubenplatz
(same for expedia/NAVTEQ-2004)
(no direct link - Search for steubenplatz/darmstadt and zoom in) "Hindenburgstraße" (yellow background) and "Am alten Bahnhof" (white) are both "Steubenplatz", only the small part between Bismarckstraße and the unnamed white street to the east ("Friedrichstraße") is "Am alten Bahnhof" --- funny thing: the search function locates "Steubenplatz" correctly. Google has the correct names [16] but shows the street as separated onways (simple 4 lane street), M&G below has that error too [17]
Darmstadt Steubenplatz [18] "Am alten Bahnhof" isn't correct, see above [19]
Eschborn Helfmann-Park Google/Teleatlas Out-of-date (2 years ?) "Helfmann-Park" has now a connection from the NE end on the edge of the gray area (fixed when i checked that again 01-nov-2006) [20]
Eschborn L3005 GoYellow/Tele Atlas out-of-date street-data (about 1.5 years) with new photo (just strange, no Easter Egg), Google has the same error [21] & [22]
Griesheim Berliner Straße GoYellow/Tele Atlas no public street there (access to a car dealer's garage - might be derived from aerial view) (Google has the same Map now) [23]


Kleinostheim Anne-Frank-Straße Google/Teleatlas The street simply is totally wrong, see OSM-data (second link) for correct version. [25] & [26]


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Adelebsen Am Wüstenhau, Zum Feldholz, Berghecke Google/TeleAtlas Die Straßen des Neubaugebiets Antonsberg erscheinen nach Westen verschoben und verlängert und setzen bei Am Pfingstanger an statt am Wiesenweg. Außerdem sind zwei Fußwege als Straßen eingezeichnet (Verbindung Am Antonsberg – Glatzer Straße, Querweg Glatzer Straße – Masurenweg – Am Pfingstanger). [27]
Gifhorn Eyßelheideweg Garmin/Mapsource The Eyßelheideweg ist falsely named Fischerweg on the Garmin Topo 1:25000 Map. Fischerweg is a Street in Gifhorn, but is more to the north. no link
Lunestedt Biberweg,
Im Kamp
Google/TeleAtlas In fact, some parts of these roads are footpaths in reality. [28]
Lunestedt Voßkamp Google/TeleAtlas Tunnel is closed for cars since 1994 [29]
Osterholz-Scharmbeck Am Osterholzer Deich Google/TeleAtlas doesn't exist in reality [30]
Osterholz-Scharmbeck Osternheide Google/TeleAtlas road exists, but elsewhere - OpenStreetMap is correct [31]
Schiffdorf K 14 Google Maps County road K 14 is located elsewhere. [32]
Schwanewede Beim Bienenstock Google Maps Beim Bienenkorb is the real name [33]
Schwanewede Brinkmann Str., Brinkumer Str. Google Maps Brink is the real name [34]
Vechta Füchteler Esch Google Maps Spell checker gone rampart. "Esche" is a german tree name, but the street signs say "Füchteler Esch" [35]
Wilhelmshaven see [36]
Winsen (Luhe) Winsener Ilmer
Google Maps roads exists, but elsewhere - OpenStreetMap is correct [37]


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Bielefeld Obersee Google Jeder in Bielefeld und Umgebung kennt den Obersee mit seinem Naherholungsgebiet. [38]
Dortmund Stettiner Straße Google/Tele Atlas The part of the Stettiner Straße between Thorner Straße and Eichsfeld doesn't exist. [39]
Düsseldorf Josef-Kardinal-Frings-Brücke Google / Tele Atlas, Mapquest/NavTeq The bridge got this official name in 2006 according to a Wikipedia article. Tele Atlas uses "Rheinbrücke Düsseldorf-Neuss" which seems to be the very old name and NavTeq uses "Willy-Brandt-Brücke" which seems to be the previous name. Do I need to mention that the fellow OSMer who mapped the bridge got it right? [40], None to Mapquest as their links are too awful.
Köln Heinrich-Gilsbach-Straße Google/Teleatlas The street in reality goes east-west, while in Google it is turned by 90° to north-south (where in reality some buildings are situated). [41]
Meschede Philipp-Schlick-Straße NavTeq NavTeq labels this as "Peter-Schlick-Straße". no link
Moers Asterlager Straße Google Google vertauscht die Straßennamen und benamt die Asterlager Straße in Moers mit "Bruchweg" und den Bruchweg in Duisburg mit "Asterlager Straße". [42] -- Der Bruchweg ist als Straße in Moers nicht gelistet: [43]
Paderborn Fanny-Nathan-Straße (Uni) Google/TeleAtlas Fanny-Nathan-Straße has the wrong geometry in that area; can easily be proofed by comparison with googles satellite images (which are quite actual north of the building/east of Pohlweg [44]


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Altrip Schleienweg, Krebsweg, Karpfenweg Google/Teleatlas, Navteq based maps On Navteq based maps (like Garmin CityNavigator, or , enter 'Altrip, Schleienweg' to search for it), Schleienweg is called Krebsweg, while Krebsweg is not drawn, thus very likely a trap street. On GoogleMaps, it's also wrong: Krebsweg is shown too far west, at Karpfenweg (north of Krebsweg) a part of the street is missing, probably also a 'trap street'. Furthermore, in GoogleMaps you find a formerly planned (!) unlabeled major road (trunk) north of the area, which never will be built. Data are correct only in OSM (January 2010) which can be verified by comparing with satellite views. [45] or

[46], change 'Transparency' in the upper right corner


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Homburg Kraepelinstraße Google/Teleatlas Kraepelinstraße is no one-way street (fixed when i checked that again 01-nov-2006) [47]
Homburg Saarpfalz-Center Google/Teleatlas Saarpfalz-Center - I don't know what they have drawn there ... looks like the underground parking, but even that is shifted [48]
Homburg various Google/Teleatlas Several Errors:-

(1) "Burgweg" starts at the end of "Zu den Höhlen"
(2) "Am Schloßberg" is a stairway that starts in a half angle between the drawn streets and continues parallel to the drawn street, what they show here is a part of "Schloßbergstraße"
(3) the connection between "Marktplatz" and "Karlsbergstraße" looks wrong (the street on the place has a curve before the "Klosterstraße", "Markplatz" connects almost straight to the "Karlsbergstraße"
(4) the west part of the "Schulstraße" and "Kasernenstraße" have connections on both ends (public parking place), "Kasernenstraße" also continues to the "Eisenbahnstraße"



Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Berthelsdorf Talblick Garmin/Navteq/Yahoo Street mapped wrong: connected with Bahnhofstraße instead with Hauptstraße, dead end therefore is on the wrong side. The track you see in OSM is no official highway. [50], [51]
Freiberg Von-Carlowitz-Straße Garmin/Navteq/Yahoo/Teleatlas missing [52]
Siebenlehn Markt Google/Teleatlas In Google a highway is missing [53]


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Kreypau Google/Teleatlas The village is named Kreyau by Tele Atlas, so you couldnt find it with Google Maps. [54]


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location


Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Bad Blankenburg Bähringstraße Google/Teleatlas "Am Friedhof" and "Bähringstraße" not connected by road, only footway [55]
Bad Blankenburg Bähringstraße Google/Teleatlas eastern end is only a combined foot-/cycleway [56]
Bad Blankenburg Buchenweg Google/Teleatlas both roads connected in reality [57]
Bad Blankenburg Burgweg Google/Teleatlas "Burgweg" is just a footway [58]
Bad Blankenburg Esplanade Google/Teleatlas "Esplanade" and "Zeigerheimer Weg" not connected by road, only footway (steps) [59]
Bad Blankenburg Friedrich-Ebert-Straße Google/Teleatlas connection to south west road leading to "Am Anger" does not exist [60]
Bad Blankenburg Goetheweg Google/Teleatlas Upper half of "Goetheweg" (footway?) does not exist [61]
Bad Blankenburg Johannisgasse Google/Teleatlas "Johannisgasse" and "Esplanade" only connected by footway (steps) [62]
Bad Blankenburg Kirchplatz Google/Teleatlas "Kirchplatz" and "Oberer/Unterer Sonnenberg" only connected by footway (steps) [63]
Bad Blankenburg Königseer Str. Google/Teleatlas "Königseer Str." is named "Kirchplatz" in reality, but exists elsewhere [64]
Jena - Drackendorf Am Goethepark Google/Teleatlas "Am Goefhepark" [ ]
Jena Lutherplatz Google/Teleatlas Straße existiert so nicht. Soll wohl einen Innenhof (Hotelparkplatz) darstellen, ueber den einige Wohnungen zu erreichen sind. [65]