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Many commercially available maps contain errors. Some of these are unintentional, others are deliberate (see Copyright Easter Eggs).

This page catalogs known errors. Some errors do get fixed by commercial map providers over time, so of course this list may be out-of-date (please edit)

When there are differences or errors about newly built or changes ways, have a look at New and Changed Ways.



see Catalog of Errors/Germany

Great Britain

Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Basingstoke Foxs Furlong Google/TeleAtlas Road south of cross roads does not exist. [1]
Bath Clarks Way Ordnance Survey StreetView OSSV has 'Clarkes Way'. OS Locator has correct Clarks Way. Email sent to OS. Reply received - matter passed to OS technical department Tiiiim 18:38, 9 June 2010 (UTC) [2]
Bath Redland Park Ordnance Survey StreetView
Ordnance Survey Locator
OSSV and OSL have this road as Day Crescent. The crescent shaped Redland Park road has a footpath inside its bounds called Day Crescent, which is probably the source of the error. Email sent to OS. Reply received - matter passed to OS technical department Tiiiim [3]
Bicester Gardners Ln Google/TeleAtlas Road doesn't exist. [4]
Birmingham Cardinal Close Google/TeleAtlas This road, just off Poplar Avenue, was the site of a school until 2003 but is now a fairly recent housing development. [5]
Birmingham Grantham Road Google/TeleAtlas This road was removed and the site is now part of a nearby school. [6]
Bournemouth Quick St Google/TeleAtlas Road does not exist (and never has) [7]
Brighton Alaska St Google/TeleAtlas Alaska St. does not exist. [8]
Bristol Lye Close A-Z Road does not exist
Bristol Oxford Street/Kirby Street BS6 Google/Teleatlas In the teleatlas data, Kirby Street/Oxford street is an L junction not connected to High Kingsdown, a road which goes over houses on the ground. Multimap is more accurate [9], in that the roads all join up, but even it does not note that the only way between Oxford Street and High Kingsdown is a flight of steps. Kirby street may not actually exist; if it does it is the name of a road to some garages. The post office postcode finder does not know of it. [10]
Bristol Bridges across River Avon BS3 Google/Teleatlas One of the two bridges does not exist (the eastern one which is marked as footbridge); the one marked as street does exist, but is only a footbridge. To make up for it, they're completely missing the footbridge further east around Greenway Bush Lane) [11]
Bristol Gregory Lane BS4 Google/Teleatlas Road does not exist, or if it does it's someone's driveway. [12]
Bristol Clyde Park, Redland area Ordnance Survey Locator OS Locator has it misspelt as Cylde Park. Email sent to OS Tiiiim 08:17, 29 July 2010 (UTC). Email received, confirming that OS will update their product. Tiiiim 17:04, 5 September 2010 (BST) [13].
Bristol Fairview Drive, Redland area Ordnance Survey Locator
Ordnance Survey StreetView
OS products have Fair View Drive. Road sign has Fairview Drive. Email sent to OS Tiiiim 08:17, 29 July 2010 (UTC). Email received, confirming that OS will update their product. Tiiiim 17:04, 5 September 2010 (BST) [14]
Broadhaven Puffin Way Google/Teleatlas Road does not extend to the South through the wetland area, nor West towards the B4341 [15]
Chester a nonexistent road Google Maps The line of the canal and the railway between Vicars Cross Road and Whitchurch Road is wrong. In some scales the roads Pearl Lane and The Holkham are shown connected, but there is really a railway in a cutting between them. [16]
Cobham, Surrey Misplaced roundabout at junction of Fairmile Lane and Water Lane Google/TeleAtlas and Multimap/TeleAtlas at 1:50,000 scale Roundabout is shown at the junction of Water Lane and The Laurels but is actually at junction of Fairmile Lane and Water Lane. [17] [18]
Cobham Asford Gardens Local Live/NavTeq and Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly named Asford Gardens. Real name is Ashford Gardens. [19] [20]


Cobham Bridge Road Local Live/NavTeq and Google/TeleAtlas Downside Road connects directly to Downside Bridge Road. No street here is called Bridge Road.

[22] [23]



Cobham Holly Hedge Road Local Live/NavTeq Incorrectly named Holly Hedge Road. Real name is Hollyhedge Road. [26] [27]
Cobham Hollyhedge Road Google/TeleAtlas This road is actually a footpath that probably used to be called Anvil Lane. The real Hollyhedge Road is clearly marked about 200m to the East. [28] [29]
Cobham Paddock Close Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly named Paddock Close. Real name is Paddocks Close. [30] [31]
Corby railway Google The railway line which runs through central Corby is entirely missing. This line, which runs from Oakham to Kettering, has no regular passenger services, but remains a freight route, which may explain its omission (it is sometimes used for diversions). [32]
Crawley Durham Close Google An imaginary road is shown, called "Yorkton St." [33]
Derby Bainbrigge Street Google Incorrectly spelled 'Bainbridge St' [34]
Derby Empress Road Google The one way is shown in the wrong direction on Google. [35]
Derby Sheffield Place Bing On Bing this road runs from the east of Railway Terrace, but in reality it is on the west of Railway Terrace [36]
Dorking Drill Hall Road Google/TeleAtlas This road, running due north at the northern end of Vincent Lane is totally missing from Google maps. [37]
Dorking Flint Hill Close Google/TeleAtlas Flint Hill Close is not part of the A2003. [38]
Dorking High Acre Multimap and Google/TeleAtlas This road is named Highacre not High Acre. And there is no access from Highacre to Flint Hill. [39]
Dorking Pixholme Lane Google/TeleAtlas Labelled Pixholme Grove [40]
Dorking Roses Cottages Google/TeleAtlas Roses Cottages is wrong. It is actually Rose Cottages. [41]
Falmer, E Sussex Google/TeleAtlas Falmer is shown to the north of the A27, near the north end of Ridge Road, when it SE of the junction of the A27 and The Drove. (This seems to have been fixed.) [42]
Fernhurst, W Sussex Square Drive Google/TeleAtlas Square Drive is not to the west of the A286. It's to the east and further up (you get to the real Square Drive by scrolling north) [43]
Glasgow Bailie Drive Google/TeleAtlas Cut off, should connect to Stockiemuir Avenue. [44]
Glasgow Stewarton Road Google/TeleAtlas Misnamed as Dodside Road on map, but geolocation data correct [45]
Guildford King's Road Google/Multimap Multimap has King's Road section of A248 in Shalford marked as Christmas Hill. Google has omitted the name on the Christmas Hill section. [46]
Hatfield Queensway, Wellfield Road, The Arcade Bing Three or four roads are shown for each of these names (there should be one of each). Some of the roads don't exist, some have other names. [47]
Leeds Spring Bank Crescent Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly named Springbank Crescent. [48]
Leeds Windsor Court (Bramley) Google/TeleAtlas/OS Incorrectly named Ashby Gardens. [49]
Leeds Friston Avenue (Bramley) Google/TeleAtlas Doesn't exist - easter egg? [50]
Leeds Helmet Row (Meanwood) Google/TeleAtlas Doesn't exist - easter egg? [51]
Leicester Colchester Road/Hungarton Boulevard/Hamilton Way/Thurmaston Lane/Troon Way Google This is all now part of the A563, Leicester's outer ring road: Google shows it as a white local road. Google's highlighted route, Humberstone Road up to Thurmaston Lane, no longer work as that section of Thurmaston Lane is disconnected at the top. Additionally, Abbots Road was split into two by the new road, the segments (Abbots Road North and Abbots Road South) are dead-ends and cannot be accessed from Hungarton Boulevard, but Google continues to show treat them as a through-road. [52]
Leicester Waterloo Way Google; Microsoft In the 1990s, the part of Waterloo Way south of Regent Road was renamed "Tigers Way", after nearby rugby club Leicester Tigers. Google shows the old name for the entirety of the road; Microsoft instead shows "Tigers Way" as the name of the entire stretch, up to the station. [53]
Leicester Victoria Road East Extension Google Link road between A6030 (middle ring road) and A563 (outer ring road). Opened in 2005. Missing from Google Maps. [54]
Leicester A5125 Microsoft There has been no A5125 for a number of years. This road linked Narborough Road with the Belgrave Flyover. [55]
Finchley, London N12 Linkside Navteq 2006 Road does not meet up, in reality it does, also bizarre nearby road off Walmington Fold that does not exist, except for access to an individual house's garage. [56]
Finchley, London N3 Moat Lane Google/TeleAtlas Road does not exist [57]
Finchley, London N3 The Avenue Google/TeleAtlas Road at wrong angle [58]
Seven Sisters, London N15 Edgecot Grove Google Does not join with Breamar Road, is a close [59]
London, SW1 Lugsmoor Lane Google Road actually called "Cleveland Row" [60]
London, SW1 Kennard Road Google Road actually called "Spring Gardens" [61]
London, SW1 Bennett Street Google Road actually spelled "Bennet Street" (one t)
Mill Hill, London NW7 Stanmore Street Google/TeleAtlas Road does not exist [62]
Barnet / Cockfosters, north edge of London Wagon Road / Waggon Road Multiple sources Officially not an error. The road officially subtly changes spelling half way along its length. [63]
London; Finchley, London N3 Torrington Place Google/TeleAtlas Road does not exist [64]
London Clapham Junction to Clapham Common Google/TeleAtlas A TeleAtlas Easter Egg shows a road running diagonal from the main intersection of Clapham Junction to Clapham Common, through several streets, rows of houses, and a department store.

Note: this is no longer visible in Google maps, which now shows the correct layout.

London; Mitcham, CR4 Rigdale Close Google/TeleAtlas Road named incorrectly - should be Mullards Close. Fixed after 2 years of complaints to TeleAtlas. Now fixed in Google Maps.
Longdendale Woodhead Road Google Maps Not quite sure of this one, but it seems strange that the Woodhead Road becomes "Around the Peak District" and then eventually turns back into the "Woodhead Road" once it gets near Holfirth. [66]
Loughborough Talbot Ct Google Maps Road at end of Christie Drive does not exist. [67]
Greater Manchester: Halebarns two roads Ordnance Survey Street Atlas of Cheshire "Dobb Hedge Close" incorrectly referenced as "Bobb Hedge Close". "Ridge Avenue" incorrectly referenced as "Bridge Avenue". Image:DobbHedge.jpg Image:Ridge Ave.jpg Image:Easter-egg.jpg. Probably an Easter Egg rather than mapping error as the correct names are used in the OS Street Atlas of Greater Manchester - and this extract is very close to the edge of the mapped area in the Cheshire atlas.. [68]
Manchester 23 Nethercote Avenue A-Z Joins Blackcarr Road in reality but not on A-Z maps.
Milton Keynes Hammer Road Ordnance Survey Street View "Hammer Road" is actually "Hanmer Road". Google maps, Bing have it right. [69]
Nottingham Cromarty Court, The Meadows Yahoo Streets, Google, Multimap, OS 1:25000 (e.g., on Multimap). No longer exists, as shown by Google Satellite view. Searching the council web site reveals this to have been hard-to-let sheltered housing. Currently a fenced-off area of wasteland. The road at the end labelled Hawthorn View on OSM (and Microsoft Virtual Earth) is called Hope Close on other maps. On the ground it is labelled Hawthorn View, but the buildings (not the road) on the west side have Hope Close signs. [70]
Norwich Winchcomb Rd, Waterman Rd, Wheatley Rd Ordnance Survey, Google, Bing Every map I've seen gets this wrong (see Google Maps link). In reality, Winchcomb Rd is the longest and runs around the outside, Wheatley Rd is small and just at the top and Waterman Rd is small and goes between Winchcomb Rd and Wheatley Rd. The road on the left is actually also Guardian Rd. This may be an error in the information held by the council, but OSM follows the signs found on the ground and the addresses that the postman actually delivers to. [71]
Oakham Catmos Street Google/TeleAtlas and Local Live/NavTeq Oakham is in the Vale of Catmose. This should be Catmose Street. [72]
Oakham Schofield Road Google/TeleAtlas Road running due east-west does not exist. [73]
Oakham Alma Street Google/TeleAtlas This road is actually more of Mayfield. [74]
Oxford Cecil Sharpe Close Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly named Cecil Sharpe Close. Real name is Cecil Sharp Place. [75]
Oxford Redland Road Google/TeleAtlas Street was actually called Redland Road until 1977, but the data should really have been corrected to Elizabeth Place after 30 years. [76]
Oxford Taula St Google/TeleAtlas Street does not exist, there's a house where the street is supposed to be. [77]
Polegate Polegate bypass Google/TeleAtlas There is an imaginary trunk road running through the fields. [78]
Reading Chatfield Court A-Z Incorrectly names Charfield Court. Real name is Chatfield Court.
Southampton Oakmount Avenue Google/TeleAtlas Oakmount Avenue does *NOT* lead onto The Avenue. It is blocked by a 100-ft high pile of Easter Eggs. :-) [79]
Southampton St Denys Station access Yahoo! Maps St Denys Station is accessed from Osbourne Road South and Adelaide Road via footbridges. Yahoo! puts it some distance away, on the far side of the bridge, in an industrial estate. [80]
Southampton Woodstock Drive Google/TeleAtlas The road labelled as "Woodstock Drive" is actually a gravel access road. The real Woodstock Drive is just to the south (name visible if you zoom in) [81]
Southampton Woolston area Google/TeleAtlas Most of the unnamed "roads" in the grid-iron section to the left of the area are back alleys which look rather like wide footpaths. Maybe they do have car access but this map suggests they're the equal of regular roads.... [82]
St Albans Carnegie Road Google/Route 66 (old versions at least) Incorrectly named Carnegie Drive (Now corrected on Google maps) [83]
St Helens Kyrwicks Lane Google/TeleAtlas Doesn't exist [84]
Stoke on Trent Hanley Road Google/TeleAtlas & Multimap This road is marked as a B road. It is actually the A5272. See this photo, showing both the street name and the direction sign, indicating that the road is the A5272. Avantman42 [85] & [86]
Stoke on Trent Robert Heath Street Google/TeleAtlas, Multimap, Garmin & other GPS satellite navigation systems This street is a one-way street between Coseley Street & Chain Street (but not between Chain Street & Ford Green Road). Neither Google maps nor Multimap indicate that any part of it is one way, although they do indicate (correctly) that Chain Street is one way. My Garmin StreetPilot i3 and a friend's satellite navigation system have both directed people the wrong way down Robert Heath Street. Avantman42 [87] & [88]
Stoke on Trent Wycliffe Street Google/TeleAtlas & Multimap Both Google/TeleAtlas and Multimap have this street listed as "Wycliffe Road". The street signs show it to be Wycliffe Street. Avantman42 [89] & [90]
Sunbury Kempton Road Google/TeleAtlas This road, is now a cycle path and no longer has a name, if it was ever called Kempton Road. [91]
Swanmore Tankerton Street Google/TeleAtlas Road does not exist [92]
Swindon Tovey Road Google This road does not turn back on itself. The short part is called Tedder Close. Appears to be an Easter Egg as searching for Tedder Close brings up the correct location. [93]
Tudor Close Warwick Road Google/TeleAtlas Roads do not exist [94]
Wakefield Hatfeild Street & Back Hatfeild Street Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly named Hatfield/Back Hatfield Street [95]
Wakefield Kyrwicks Lane Google/TeleAtlas There's no other road leading from the end of Ivy Close at all - just a footpath to the corner of Ivy Grove. [96]
Wakefield Victory Lane Google/TeleAtlas and others The only people who're gonna find a road here are archeologists - small amounts of the road surface are visible, but to find most of it will require a shovel. All that really remains is a VERY overgrown footpath. I'm not certain the sections connecting it to Balk Lane have ever existed. [97]
Waltham Forest Evelyn Road Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly named Holly Grove. Real name is Evelyn Road. Google have corrected the error - so this this entry will soon be removed! [98]
Walton Burwood Park Road Google/TeleAtlas Road incorrectly named Burnwood Park Road [99]
Ware Walnut Tree Walk Google/TeleAtlas Road shown as a through route from Amwell Hill to Hoe Lane but, as the name suggests, much of it is only a footpath (legal status is Public Bridleway). [100]
Ware Wengeo Lane Google/TeleAtlas Road shown as a through route from Park Road to Watton Road but middle section is only a footpath. [101]
Watford The Harebreaks Google/TeleAtlas, Multimap, Streetmap Road incorrectly named The signs on the road just call this road Harebreaks except for the most Northern Point on the road. [102]
Watford Postoffice on Leavesden Road Bartholomew Postoffice in incorrect place (I think that OS maps older than a few years also have the postoffice here) [103]
Weston-super-Mare Bay Tree View Google/TeleAtlas Weston-super-Mare has two streets called Baytree View (historically one road but now split by a pedestrian segment). The northern portion has has one word split into two. [104]
Weston-super-Mare Banwell Road OS Street View Connecting the villages of Christon and Banwell, Banwell Road was diverted in the 1970's by the construction of the M5. OS Street View still shows the old route.
Weston-super-Mare Francis Fox Road Ordnance Survey Locator This very short connecting road links two roundabouts. The street signs show it as Francis Fox Road B3440. On OSL it is the A370. [105]
Weston-super-Mare Oxford Street, Walliscote Road, Beach Road Ordnance Survey Locator This is the old route of the A370 but is no longer signedposted as such. The A370 now follows Carlton Street. [106]
Weybridge Abbotswood Drive Google/TeleAtlas and OS Get-a-map Northern spur does not exist. This could well be an OS Easter Egg, the "road" follows the boundary of a property. If the road did once exist it would have been an acute left turn on an extremely steep hill - very unlikely. In addition to my own observations, the St George's Hill Estate map confirms that this spur does not exist. [107]
Weybridge Castle Green Google/TeleAtlas There is only one Castle Green. Google thinks there are two Castle Greens. [108]
Weybridge Hungerford Square Google/TeleAtlas This place exists but is not a roadway. There is an access road from Horvath Close at 90 degrees to the road marked. Similarly the neighbouring Stafford Square roadway does not exist. [109]
Winchester Southview Road Multimap, The northern and eastern of three sides of a square shown as Southview Road are actually Compton Way. [110] & [111]

Other European Countries

Country Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Albania Corovode (footway and no signs anywhere) map24 A footway with a suspension bridge in a bad state (holes in the surface) is shown as highway for motorcars. [112] pictures on OSV
Austria Vienna Wulzendorfstraße, Hammerfestweg, Sandefjordgasse Google Maps Several footways in this area are incorrectly named "Wulzendorfstraße", "Hammerfestweg" and "Sandefjordgasse" (these street names do exist elsewhere in that area, and their location is correctly mapped on OSM) while in reality they don't have any names. [113]
Belgium Heverlee Steengroevenlaan Google/TeleAtlas The one way Steengroevenlaan part from the Kapeldreef till the real Steengroevenlaan does not exist, it's a building.
I think this is fixed. --Marnen (talk) 04:09, 1 June 2013 (UTC)
Belgium Antwerp/Deurne Baron Leroystraat/Alfons Schneiderlaan Google/TeleAtlas The northern road going to the Alfons Schneiderlaan is a dead-end.
Now appears to be fixed. But Google shows a roundabout, unlike OSM -- which is accurate? --Marnen (talk) 04:09, 1 June 2013 (UTC)
Belgium Lessines Rue Basse Couture Google/TeleAtlas The street DOES NOT go right through Baxter plant. [116]
Belgium Leuven Sint-Donatuspark Google/TeleAtlas Google has it as Sint-Donatiuspark.
Fixed. --Marnen (talk) 04:09, 1 June 2013 (UTC)
Belgium Linden/Lubbeek Slangenpad Google/TeleAtlas Slangenpad does not exist anymore. A forgotten street sign can still be found on Kortrijkstraat, but the path/track has long gone. [118]
France Grenoble various Google/TeleAtlas There's so much crap there it's not even funny. The small L-shaped "Rue de Stalingrad" and the P-shaped one are the parking lot of private properties. so is the "avenue Léon Blum" south of the green marker... as for the small S-shaped "Rue des Alliés"... Also, there's no way to go from either "Rue Alphonse Daudet" and "Rue Edmond Rostand" to "Rue Jean Perrin", and no way to go from that one to "Avenue Léon Blum" [119]
France nearby Verdun Étang du Wameau Google/TeleAtlas IGN map 3112ET shows Étang du Wameau N 49.179966 E 5.352760.

Google Earth gives two references! One at N 49.220020 E 5.334667 (4.5 km NNW) and another at the place above. Google Maps gives four references! Two similar as the above ones and also at N 49.086765 E 5.402043 (11 km SSE) and N 49.185324 E 5.347489.

Ireland Dublin Sandymount Strand Google/TeleAtlas Coastline incorrectly drawn - between Strand Road, Pigeon House Road and "South Hill", the map view shows an area of land, yet the area is clearly beach - it is possible that the low-water mark was misidentified as the high-water mark. Update: The coastline is more accurate now, but it's still not right - the land to the east of Beach and Strand Roads is too large - between Seafort Avenue and Lea Road, but especially south of the junction with Newgrove Avenue. There is a slight amount of sand that is above high tide in good weather, but it's not as large as the map indicates. Even the Satellite view shows waves in water over part of it. [121]
Ireland Dublin South Hill Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly (and illogically) named "South Hill" - the names used by locals are either "South Bull" or "South Wall". Update: Now corrected to read "S Wall" [122]
Ireland Dublin Dún Laoghaire East pier Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly labelled "E Pier Howth Harbour". Update: Now corrected to read "E Pier" East Pier Dún Laoghaire, Actual East Pier Howth
Ireland Dublin Dún Laoghaire West pier Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly labelled "W Pier Howth Harbour". Update: Now corrected to read "W Pier" West Pier Dún Laoghaire, Actual West Pier Howth
Ireland Dublin Dún Laoghaire Harbour Terrace Google/TeleAtlas Incorrectly labelled "Harcourt Terrace". Update: Now corrected to read "Harbour Road" [123]
Ireland Dublin International Financial Services Centre Google/TeleAtlas Shown to west of Amiens Street, when in fact it is to east: between Mayor Street, Memorial Road, Custom House Quay and Commons Street. Update: An improvement - now it's listed on lower resolutions as to east of Amiens Street too (though immediately north of Mayor Street instead of south of it). Remove the one to the west of Amiens Street, move the other south of Mayor Street and it would be fixed. First incorrect location,second incorrect location, third incorrect location,actual location
Italy Caltrano via Girolamo Bonaguro TeleAtlas (Google) Via Bonaguro has orign from Via Palladio, it is about 300m long and stop: continuation to via M. Grappa does not exists. [124]
Italy Milano zona viale Arbe TeleAtlas (Google) Street between viale Arbe and Piazzale Giuseppe Massari and viale Marche and via Leone Fortis: do not exists. [125]
Netherlands Geldrop - Google Maps Town is named Mierlo instead of Geldrop (real Mierlo lies to the North-east) [126]
Netherlands Hoofddorp - TeleAtlas (Google, Complete area of streets ("President Noord") do not exist (yet). [127]
Netherlands Bilderdam - TeleAtlas (Google, Street does not cross the water (not even once) [128]
Netherlands Leimuiden - TeleAtlas (Google, There is an island missing overhere [129]
Netherlands Amsterdam - TeleAtlas (Google, Missing bridge [130]
Netherlands Gorinchem - Google Maps Adriaan Bloemaert Corneliszstraat has to be Abraham Bloemaert Corneliszstraat [131]
Spain Cantabria Autovía del Cantábrico (A-8) TeleAtlas (Google) The motorway between the towns of Torrelavega and Solares is not yet built but Teleatlas mapping is already in service. [132]
Spain Madrid Calle Castellón de la Plana TeleAtlas (Google) Street is mistagged as "Calle Castelló". The real "Calle Castelló" is one kilometer away from that position. [133]
Spain Madrid Calle de la Ribera del Sena TeleAtlas (Google) Street is mistagged as "Calle de la Ribera de la Sena". Easily overlooked but completely wrong. [134]
Spain Madrid Calle del Alcalde Aristizábal Manchón and surroundings TeleAtlas (Google) Street name is wrong, misplaced and repeated several times in adjacent streets. [135]
Spain Madrid Las Tablas TeleAtlas (Google) A label locating the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid appears (unintentionally?) some 5km south of its real place. [136]
Spain Cantabria CA-162 (but the error is very common in the rest of roads of this region) TeleAtlas (Google) It's very common that the TeleAtlas cartography still register the old names of roads in Cantabria, which were changed in 2000. In some cases, ancient (S-xxx) and modern (CA-xxx) references are alternated in the same road. [137] [138]
Sweden Gävle Johannesbergsvägen TeleAtlas (Google) The road goes around the water plant not through it. [139]
Sweden Gävle Karlsrovägen TeleAtlas (Google) Road (name) don't exist, the eastern half of Utanvindsvägen have been wrongly renamed. [140]
Sweden Hofors Riksväg 80 TeleAtlas (Google) Odd shape of the road (riksväg 80) just at the border between Dalarna and Gävleborg. [141]
Sweden Storvik Trunk Links Lantmäteriet (Eniro) The two trunk links don't join up, but joins the road next to etch other. [142]
Switzerland Schaffhausen Oerlifall TeleAtlas (Google, Wrong road line, inexistent road and wrongly written name Örlifall instead of Oerlifall. [143]
Switzerland Schaffhausen Freistrasse Teleatlas (Google, A simple straight road is painted with an arc. This can't be a simple error. [144]
Switzerland Zurich Muhlesteg TeleAtlas (Google) Footbridge called "Muhlesteg" over the Limmat river, is mapped about 50m too far North [145]

See FR:Catalog of Errors for examples in french language



Province Town/City Street Name/
Location of error
Error Source Description Link to Location
Laguna Los Baños area between Data and Sierra Madre streets Google Short road/alley between Data and Sierra streets (east of Sierra Madre Extension) does not exist [146]
Laguna San Pablo City unnamed tertiary road (on OpenStreetMap) Google street not connected to Cipriano B. Colago Avenue Extension [147]
Laguna San Pablo City Pan-Philippine Highway Google Misaligned road [148]
Laguna San Pablo City SM City San Pablo Google Missing from Google Maps (Shown in Google Mapmaker, but mapped 350m west from its correct location) [149][150]

Australia and Oceania


State Town/Suburb Street Name Error Source Description Location
Victoria Bacchus Marsh Bacchus Marsh Rd Google/WhereIs Bacchus Marsh Road's highway reference number is C802 not C602. C602 is Lindenow Road. [151]
Victoria Collingwood Singleton St MapData Sciences Little Smith St was renamed Singleton St in 2000. [152]
Victoria Glen Waverley Edward St MapData Sciences This street hasn't existed for many years with The Glen Shopping Centre now covering this area. This is very out of date. [153]
Victoria Glen Waverley Madeline St MapData Sciences There's an unnamed road that doesn't exist running off Madeline St through the middle of the oval at Glen Waverley North Reserve. [154]
Victoria Kew Chandler Hwy, Earl St, Asquith St MapData Sciences The road reserve is there, but there seems to be additional roads running parallel to Chandler Hwy. [155]
Victoria Richmond Brock Place MapData Sciences Appears as Brook Place. [156]
Victoria Richmond Foster Place MapData Sciences Appears as Francis Place. [157]
Victoria Ringwood Sherbrook Ave, Burwood Ave, Bonview Ave MapData Sciences These streets do not exist. They were removed to create a freeway, the "Eastlink" which is also absent. [158]
Victoria Bendigo Hill St MapData Sciences Hill St does not join up to on the south of Bannerman St. [159]
Victoria Silvan Progress Road (East) Melway Progress Road does not continue from the West end of Chapman Road - it is a gated private driveway [160]


South Africa

Town Street Name Error Source Description Location
Pretoria Neethling Street City Select v4.00 Streets South of it (Uitsig, Zonneschyn, etc) are missing [161]
Pretoria Paul Kruger City Select v4.00 Railway loop does NOT cross Paul Kruger [162]
Pretoria Lombard Street City Select v4.00 It's a cul-de-sac and Stoltz Ave does not exist [163]
Pretoria Ridgewater City Select v4.00 & Brabys It's not called "Linofield" [164]


Pretoria Vista City Select v4.00 There's no shopping center here [166]
Pretoria Ayton City Select v4.00 Ayton does not extend to Kirkness [167]


Pretoria George City Select v4.00 & Brabys It's not called George Eybers [169]


Pretoria Veglaer City Select v4.00 It's not called Veyboer [171]
Pretoria Panbult City Select v4.00 The loop gets no closer than 130 meter to the M10 [172]
Pretoria Lone Creek City Select v4.00 & Brabys It connects to Old Farm and not to Rietpan [173]


Pretoria King Willow City Select v4.00 It's not King William [175]
Pretoria Winby Place City Select v4.00 It's not Wenby [176]
Pretoria Montana Gardens (Just North of Zambezi and just East of Enkeldoorn) City Select v4.00 All the streets appear 40m further South than they really are. Enkeldoorn also extend all the way through to Amandeldoorn and there are numerous roads to the left and right of it. [177]
Johannesburg Loerie Road (BOTH occurrences) City Select v4.00 It's not Karibbiese Avenue [178]
Johannesburg Loerie Road (BOTH occurrences) City Select v4.00 It's not Karibbiese Avenue [179]
Port Saint Johns Town name National Geographic Maps The town is incorrectly named Umzimvubu, the name of the river that flows through the town. [180]

North America


Province City Street Name Error Source Description Location
Ontario Kingston (Whole subdivision) TeleAtlas The most blatant error I have found. The map of this subdivision is completely wrong. It was probably derived from a preliminary plan of the subdivision which was later modified.
Corrected on Google. --Marnen (talk) 03:46, 1 June 2013 (UTC)
Quebec Quebec City (Saint-Émile) Christiane Various Several maps (including one from the city inteself until it was replaced with a completely different service) give a Rue Christiane in the Saint-Romain/Estiembre/Sommeliers/Soret polygon. This street is even listed in the city's odonymic directory and dated back to 1992, even though it is inexistent.
Quebec Montreal Hawarden ? Although this "street" has addresses on it (whose façades are on Souvenir or Atwater), on the ground it is an alley, and longer than what is actually shown [182]

United States

State City Street Name Error Source Description Location
Massachusetts Lexington Depot Place, Depot Square Google Maps One way, but not marked as such. (OSM had the correct one-way markings on Depot Square, but not Depot Place; I've fixed that. --Marnen (talk) 03:41, 1 June 2013 (UTC)) [183]
New Jersey Throughout Throughout TeleAtlas, Navteq, etc. Some county routes, regardless of class, are displayed as state highways. (TeleAtlas/Google Maps recently removed all county route markings except for some spur routes of 500-series county routes, all of which were displayed the same way state routes are.) Be advised that there are no routes in New Jersey with three digits that have 5, 6, 7, or 8 as the first number (except I-676 and NJ 700 (the legislative designation of the New Jersey Turnpike south of Exit 6); these roads are county routes. Various places
New York Albany Austin Avenue TIGER, TeleAtlas Actually called Austain Avenue.
Update: Google has corrected this. --Marnen 16:44, 20 October 2011 (BST)
New York Albany Crey Street TIGER TIGER import had a nonexistent street called Crey Street that forked off from the northern end of Lily Avenue. (I've removed it from OSM.) Google and Yahoo! got it right, though. [185]
New York Albany I-787/South Mall Arterial TeleAtlas Google shows a western spur of I-787 on the South Mall Arterial under Empire State Plaza. In fact, only the mainline of I-787 actually exists here, the South Mall Arterial being unnumbered.
Update: Google seems to have corrected this. --Marnen 20:57, 16 April 2010 (UTC)
New York Albany Partridge Street/State Street TIGER, TeleAtlas Actually called O'Leary Boulevard between Washington and Western Avenues, or so say the street signs. At higher zoom levels, Google gets this almost right ("Oleary"), but at lower zoom levels, the whole thing is labeled Partridge. Also, one block of State Street is one-way in the opposite direction to what Google shows.
Update: oneway on State St is now same as OSM TomBrown 14:04, 21 April 2010 (UTC)
New York Walkill Ohaire Road TIGER Actually called O'Haire Road. [188]
New York Yonkers Ridge Hill Boulevard Apple, Yahoo Apple and Yahoo get this wrong in different ways. Apple shows the Thruway/I-87 exit 6A ramp (Ridge Hill Boulevard) connecting to Sprain Road west of the Thruway, while Yahoo doesn't show the bridge over the Thruway at all (or any development of the new Ridge Hill shopping area, it seems). In fact, Ridge Hill Boulevard crosses over the Thruway to connect to the southbound lanes, but doesn't go as far as Sprain Road. [189]
Pennsylvania State College N Butts St Google/Tele Atlas Actually called N Butz st. Easter egg or naive mistake?
Update: looks fixed TomBrown 14:04, 21 April 2010 (UTC)