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The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) is a non-profit that owns the trademarks to and provides hosting and technical support for many open-knowledge projects, mostly famously Wikipedia. The intersection of OSM and WMF projects is multi-faceted.

WMF projects include:

  • Wikipedia: encyclopedia
  • Wikidata: structured data repository
  • Wikivoyage: travel guide
  • Wikimedia Commons: free media, mostly images. OSM tiles can be ported to here for maps. There is an extensive WikiAtlas project there.
  • Wiktionary: dictionary
  • Wikiquote: quotation repository
  • Wikisource: original source documents
  • Wikibooks: textbooks
  • Wikiversity: general learning resources. An existing resource related to OSM is Humanitarian Open Streetmap.
  • Wikispecies: taxa hierarchy

Additionally, some behind-the-scenes projects include:

  • Meta-Wiki: discussion about the projects themselves and larger-scale planning. See discussion of OSM there.
  • hosting for the the software and extensions to it. See Maps there.
  • Outreach: a site for interacting with the public. A possible hub for posting best practices, success stories, etc.
  • Wikimania: conferences intended to discuss wikis