Data Import for Athens-Clarke County

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Location: Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, USA

About: We received a data donation from the GIS department from Athens-Clark County. OUt of all the data - the most useful for our efforts is the building foot print data. In that data layer there appears to be about 55,688 polygons. Some are multi-polygons and will have to be dealt with individually.

Plan: We consider this import to be large (at least for us).

1. Segment the county into a grid. Since we want to do a neighborhood at a time we are using the census to create a "fluid" grid.

PDF Showing Grid

2. Data will be separated out approximately 75 projects since there are 75 grids that were created. That gives us a manageable upload size since the census will have smaller grids in more densely populated areas. Larger grids will be in the rural areas.

3. We plan on using the open data tool with JOSM. It gives us a chance for validation checks before an upload.We also plan on testing with OGR2OSM

TAGS that will be used: building=yes and source=ACCGIS

If the opportunity arises we may do some classification by census block into houses, commercial, residential, shed, etc.

4. If we can't resolve the errors then that grid will not be uploaded until we can fix it.

5. Uploaded area is spot checked at the end for any errors.

Planned Outcome: Import the buildings over the course of a week or more. If we have to stop for any reason we started in the center where the first mapping party will be held.

Future work: The data we received will be looked at and worked with. If there is anythign else of value it will be brought here for evaluation.