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Hello all! Relatively new user to OSM, but I really like the premise of adding in open-source information to benefit ends and goals beyond me. I have organized one mapathon/walking mapathon (during the 2020 pandemic!) so you can ask questions about that if you like. My interests are in water management and alternative forms of water supply, for example as in rainwater harvesting.

As a resident of Athens, GA, I am interested in improving the quality and quantity of data on OSM in my area. I am working on planning an import of address data from the ACC Open Data portal page. If anyone with experience and/or interest in the area wishes to provide input or guidance, please leave me a message on the wiki, or shoot me an email at This has been put on the backburner for some time now, but I'd still like to do this eventually! Though at the rate I'm adding features in my area, there won't be too many buildings left to import.

This is where I work on random projects!

Here is the tool to synchronize images uploaded to Mapillary to KartaView (despite the tool still being called OpenStreetCam).

Tool to help with indoor mapping is here: OsmInEdit

Import Related Pages and Websites

Address Data Import for Athens-Clarke County

Instructional Page from ESRI on using ArcGIS online datasets with RapiD and MapwithAI

ACC Open Data portal page

Mapathons at UGA

UGA Mapathon 2020

UGA OSM Micro-Mapathon 1/28/2021

My Resources

Link to the Access Restrictions for Mapping in the United States.

Link to ACC Greenway Map Arcgis.

Link to ACC Greenway Info.

Water_works= Storage Proposal


Fun Things

Quote I like

"Human hands are a motion source, not a pump technology that's why it needs two keys Fanfouer "