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Waterworks proposal
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: fanfouer & IanVG
Tagging: water_works=storage
Applies to: node
Definition: Propose improvements for man_made=storage_tank and other classification about water storage and store it within new water_works=* proposed key.

Drafted on: 2020-12-03

This proposal intends to introduce a new keys and value pair, namely water_works = storage to help unifity the disparate way that water storage is named and classified.

The since abandoned proposal, Proposed features/water network, while not addressing the same scope of keys, tags and values, does provide some good insight into what people have already thought about when proposing features relating to waterworks related.


This proposal will provide guidelines for mapping and tagging specific storage units that are known to store water.

Introduce waterworks=storage, and storage=value.

Deprecate man_made= reservoir_covered.

Should the tag simply be added to man_made=storage_tank?

Add water_source=* tag.

Add water_enduse=* tag.


The reasons for providing a centralized form of tagging water storage units are:

  1. single waterworks tagging for stating that the item is dedicated for water storage, ie clarified taxonomy
  2. Provides easier to interpret tagging for various types of water storage
  3. Integrates well with overall goal of the waterworks proposal to unify water related equipment and infrastructure

When tagging a type of water storage, it is currently difficult to determine which tagging key and value pair should be utilized, as there are multiple tags which could possibly refer to the same object for storing water (eg man_made=storage_tank and man_made_ = reservoir_covered).


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