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The table below gives details of progress of mapping the roads in Arboretum Ward. The street names, road reference numbers and grid references are taken from OS OpenData Locator (see Ordnance_Survey_Opendata).

Please help to improve and update this table, which will help identify the remaining mapping work to be done.

Streets should be marked as mapped only when the full length of the street is mapped, and it is named. If the name in OpenStreetMap differs from that in the OS data, please note this in the notes field - the difference between the names could be a result of the OS's error rather than ours so don't change it on OpenStreetMap without visiting the street to check which is correct. Adding the date of when something was last mapped or checked could also be helpful in the future to identify whether data could be out-of-date.

Note: The OS Locator data does not contain details of roads which are fully pedestrianized, and in OS StreetView these pedestrianized roads are not named. However any roads in OSM which have been found which are not in OS Locator have been added to the list.

Abbreviations/codes/terms used in the table

  • OSL - indicates that the name was derived from OS OpenData Locator rather than by survey.
  • OSSV - mapped only by tracing over Ordnance Survey Opendata StreetView, instead of by a survey. It would be useful to carry out a proper survey of these streets in the future, to verify that the street exists and is correctly mapped on OS StreetView, and to map details which are missing from OS StreetView (eg whether the street is one-way, other restrictions).
  • Not present - indicates that there were no shops, amenities etc present on that road at the time of mapping.
  • No addresses - no buildings have an address on that particular road.

Street name Ref Grid ref Street mapped Amenities, shops etc mapped Addressing Notes
ABBEY STREET A601 SK 34839 35610 Yes Most (4/2010)
ABBOTTS BARN CLOSE SK 34877 35781 Yes None present On OS StreetView, it is shown as 'Abbots Barn C' (with one t in Abbots)- the street name signs however say Abbotts Barn Close, as does OS Locator.
AGARD STREET A52 SK 34787 36453 Yes
ALBERT STREET SK 35352 36170 Yes
AMEN ALLEY SK 35244 36478 Yes
Arboretum Square Yes Some (4/2010) On OSM, but is shown as part of Arboretum Street on OS StreetView, and is not in OS Locator.
AUGUSTA STREET SK 35725 34506 Yes
AVONDALE ROAD SK 35109 35309 Yes Yes (4/2010) Some (4/2010)
BABINGTON LANE SK 35233 35780 Yes Some
BAILEY STREET SK 34937 35097 Yes
Bainbrigge Street SK 35137 35146 Yes Incorrectly spelled as Bainbridge Street on OS Locator.
BARLOW STREET SK 36049 35122 Yes
BATEMAN STREET SK 36074 35045 Yes
BECHER STREET SK 35467 34416 Yes
BECKET STREET SK 34997 36164 Yes Some
BECKET WELL LANE SK 35125 36102 Yes
BELGRAVE STREET SK 35167 35206 Yes
BLOOMFIELD STREET SK 36050 35266 Yes but unnamed No road name sign spotted during survey in 2010.
BODEN STREET SK 35778 34834 Yes None present Some
BOLD LANE SK 35023 36378 Yes
BOURNE STREET SK 35442 35728 Yes
BRADSHAW WAY A601 SK 35604 35707 Yes
BRAMBLE STREET SK 34958 36200 Yes
BREEDON HILL ROAD SK 34684 35018 Yes None present (4/2010) Yes (4/2010)
BURTON ROAD SK 35093 35604
BURTON ROAD A5250 SK 34869 35309 Yes Some (4/2010) Some (2010)
BYRON STREET SK 34803 34779 Yes Yes (2010) Some (2010)
CALVERT STREET SK 36079 35717 Yes
CANAL STREET SK 35977 35682 Yes
CASTINGS ROAD SK 35754 33925 Yes
CATHEDRAL ROAD SK 34977 36593 Yes
CAVENDISH COURT SK 34823 36541 Yes
CAVENDISH STREET SK 34821 36464 Yes At present, there is no access for vehicles from Ford St into Cavendish St - is this a permanent change or just during the roadworks for the inner ring road?
CENTRE COURT SK 36009 35124 Not named On OSM but not named
CHAPEL STREET SK 35034 36624 Yes Yes
CHARNWOOD STREET A5250 SK 35368 35508 Yes
CHEAPSIDE SK 35020 36308 Yes
CHESTNUT AVENUE SK 35155 34898 Yes
CLIFTON STREET SK 36094 35217 Yes but unnamed No road sign spotted during survey in 2010.
CO-OPERATIVE STREET SK 34997 34830 Yes Some
College Place Yes A pedestrian way not on OS Locator/StreetView.
COLOMBO STREET SK 35935 34418 Yes OSM shows the road as continuing further south-west (to meet another road) than OSSV does.
COLYEAR STREET SK 35067 36102 Yes
COPELAND STREET SK 35770 35921 Yes
CORDEN STREET SK 35232 34644 Yes
Corn Market Yes Pedestrianized road, not in OS Locator.
CORONATION STREET SK 35688 33955 Yes OSSV shows the point at which Coronation St meets Holcombe St as further east than OSM does - which one is correct?
CORPORATION STREET SK 35403 36316 Yes On OSM, the ref of B6000 is tagged, but on OS StreetView and OS Locator it is shown as unclassified - which is correct?
COTTON BROOK ROAD SK 35850 34045 Yes
CROMPTON STREET SK 35084 35951 Yes
CROMWELL ROAD SK 34746 34758 Yes
CUMMINGS STREET SK 35109 34872 Yes
CURZON STREET SK 34918 36230 Yes Most (2010)
CURZON STREET A516 SK 34816 36168 Yes
DAIRY HOUSE ROAD SK 35621 34478 Yes Part of the road labelled Dairy House Road on OS StreetView is mapped as Douglas Road on OSM, need to check which is correct.
DARBY STREET SK 34943 34815 Yes
DARWIN PLACE A52 SK 35646 36419 Yes
DASHWOOD STREET SK 35211 35155 Yes
DEGGE STREET SK 35205 35863 Yes
DEPOT STREET SK 35326 34968 Yes
DERWENT STREET SK 35472 36412 Yes
DEXTER STREET SK 36118 34845 Yes
DOUGLAS STREET SK 35932 34761 Yes OSM shows the point at which Douglas St meets Dairy House Rd as further SW than OS StreetView - which is correct?.
East Street Yes Pedestrianized road not in OS Locator.
EASTGATE A52 SK 35829 36459 Yes None present No addresses
EMPRESS ROAD SK 34745 35100 Yes
EXETER PLACE SK 35573 36463 Yes Yes
EXETER STREET SK 35581 36519 Yes
FLEET STREET SK 35461 34715 Yes
FORD STREET A601 SK 34783 36443 Yes On OSM it has the ref A52 rather than A601 which OS Locator and StreetView give - which ref is correct?
FORESTER STREET SK 35056 35794 Yes
Forester Street West Yes Not on OS StreetView or Locator, this was the western part of Forester St until it was renamed as Forester St West after it had been cut off from the rest of Forester St by the inner ring road extension.
FRIAR GATE SK 34871 36339 Yes Some (4/2010) Some (4/2010) On OSM, it is Friargate, on OS Locator it is Friar Gate - which one is correct?
FRIARY STREET A601 SK 34793 36219 Yes Changes to road to occur during 2010 as a result of the inner ring road extension currently being built.
FULL STREET SK 35277 36505 Yes
GEORGE STREET SK 34849 36398 Yes Most (2010)
GERARD COURT SK 34954 35889 Yes None present Appears to be a private/unadopted road.
GERARD STREET SK 34929 35760 Yes
Gerard Street North Yes Yes (2010) Some (2010) Not on OS StreetView or Locator, this was the northern part of Gerard Street until it was renamed as Gerard Street North after it had been cut off from the rest of Gerard St by the inner ring road extension.
GORDON ROAD SK 34909 35009 Yes Yes (2010)
GOWER STREET SK 35247 35924 Yes
GRANGE STREET SK 35899 34842 Yes Some (2010) OSSV shows a spur off this road which isn't mapped on OSM.
GRAYLING STREET SK 35813 34870 Yes Yes (2010) Some (2010)
GREEN LANE SK 35181 35805 Yes Some (5/2010) Some (5/2010)
GREY STREET SK 34892 35552 Yes
GROVE STREET SK 35327 35199 Yes
HARCOURT STREET SK 35018 35618 Yes
HARRIET STREET SK 35352 35102 Yes Yes Some
Hartington Mews Yes (4/2010) None present (4/2010) No addresses (4/2010) A named service road, but not named on OS StreetView, not in OS Locator.
HASLEMERE COURT SK 35901 34820 Yes (4/2010) On OSM it is named Hazlemere Ct - need to check which is correct
HILL BROW SK 35080 35807 Yes (5/2010) None present Yes A short road of Forester St
HOLCOMBE STREET SK 35642 34187 Yes
HOLMES STREET SK 35248 34824 Yes
HOPE STREET SK 35719 35783 Yes but unnamed No road name sign spotted, but is named on both OS Locator & StreetView
HORTON STREET SK 36121 34784 Yes
HOWARD STREET SK 34889 34910 Yes Yes (2010) Some (2010)
HULLAND STREET SK 36108 35338 Yes
INDUSTRIAL STREET SK 35069 34962 Yes None present
IRON GATE SK 35183 36533 Yes Some Named Irongate on OSM but Iron Gate on OS Locator & StreetView - which one is correct?
IVY SQUARE SK 36058 34918 Yes
JOHN STREET SK 35948 35792 Yes
JURY STREET SK 34968 36475 Yes
KEBLE CLOSE SK 35825 35230 Yes
KING STREET A6 SK 35319 36719 Yes
Lara Croft Way Under construction (westbound), yes (eastbound, 5/2010) Part of the inner ring road extension, eastbound carriageway opened 11/5/10, westbound not yet open. Not on OS StreetView, or Locator.
LEACROFT ROAD SK 35739 34433 Yes
LEEDS PLACE SK 36118 35653 Yes (5/2010) None present
LEONARD CLOSE SK 35384 35306 Yes None present
LEONARD STREET SK 35575 35361 Yes Yes
LEOPOLD STREET A5250 SK 35331 35554 Yes
LIME AVENUE SK 34993 35352 Yes (2009?)
LITCHURCH STREET SK 35690 35292 Yes, but see note Old maps show that Litchurch St was once a through road between London Rd and Osmaston Rd, but the middle section has now been built over by the hospital. OSM shows the eastern part off London Rd as Litchurch St, but OS Locator shows the western part off Osmaston Rd as Litchurch St, although the western part is now just a hospital service road, and no road name signs can be seen on this western part.
LIVERSAGE PLACE SK 35747 35690 Yes (2010) Yes (2010)
LIVERSAGE ROAD SK 35750 35675 Yes Yes
Lock-up Yard Yes Pedestrianized area, not on OS Locator or StreetView
LONDON ROAD SK 35472 35832 Yes This OS Locator entry presumably refers to the unclassified section of London Rd on the inside of the inner ring road.
LONDON ROAD A5194 SK 35931 35411 Yes, but no/different ref OSSV shows the part of London Rd between the inner ring road and Wilmorton as the A5194. However in OSM, part of is mapped as the B6000 and part of it does not have a ref. Need to check which is correct.
LONDON ROAD A601 SK 35643 35712 Yes This entry on OS Locator presumably refers to the roundabout at the junction of London Rd, Traffic St and Bradshaw Way.
LOUDON STREET SK 35369 35037 Yes
LOWER DALE ROAD SK 35122 34738 Yes
LOWER ELEY STREET SK 34878 35425 Yes None present
LYNDHURST STREET SK 35177 34981 Yes Yes (5/2010) Yes (5/2010)
MACKLIN STREET SK 34968 36068 Yes Most or all (2010)
MADELEY STREET SK 35418 34834 Yes
MALCOLM STREET SK 35837 34641 Yes
MEADOW LANE SK 35982 36216 Yes, but see note Mapped as part of Meadow Rd on OSM, but as a separate Meadow Lane on OS Locator & StreetView.
MEADOW ROAD SK 35812 36400 Yes
Mercian Way Under construction (2010) Part of the inner ring road extension currently under construction. Not on OS StreetView, or Locator.
MIDLAND PLACE SK 36076 35623 Yes Yes
MIDLAND ROAD B6000 SK 36023 35455 Yes Some
MILL HILL LANE SK 34980 35250 Yes Yes Some
MILL HILL LANE A5250 SK 35195 35403 Yes Yes (2010) Some (2010)
MILL HILL ROAD SK 34990 35142 Yes (2010) Yes (2010) Some (2010)
MOLINEUX STREET SK 35659 34610 Yes
MOORE STREET SK 35162 35101 Yes Yes Some
MORLEDGE SK 35481 36196 Yes On OSM, this has a ref of B6000, but on OSSV and OS Locator it is unclassified - which is correct?
MOUNT STREET A5250 SK 35093 35460 Yes Yes
NELSON STREET SK 36119 35414 Yes
NEW STREET SK 35998 35807 Yes
NEWLAND STREET SK 34919 36151 Yes
NOBLE STREET SK 36110 35376 Yes
NORFOLK STREET SK 35745 34779 Yes None present (2010) Some (2010)
NORMANTON ROAD SK 35224 34936 Yes Some (2009-10)
NORMANTON ROAD A5250 SK 35190 35543 Yes
OAK STREET SK 35200 34687 Yes
Old Blacksmiths Yard Yes (2010) Pedestrianized road, not on OS Locator & StreetView
OLIVIER STREET SK 35612 34378 Yes
OSBORNE STREET SK 36159 35165 Yes None present? No addresses?
OSMASTON ROAD SK 35421 35737 Yes Presumably this refers to the section of Osmaston Rd on the inside of the inner ring road.
OSMASTON ROAD A514 SK 35918 35010 Yes Some (2010) Some (2010)
OSMASTON ROAD A601 SK 35504 35617 Presumably this OS Locator entry refers to the roundabout at the junction of Osmaston Rd with the inner ring road.
Osnabruck Square Yes Pedestrianized area not on OS Locator or StreetView
OVERDALE ROAD SK 34346 34780 Yes Some (2009 or 10)
OXFORD STREET SK 35888 35297 Yes Yes
PARK STREET SK 36033 35577 Yes
PEAR TREE ROAD SK 35290 34357
PHOENIX STREET SK 35476 36600 Yes
PORTLAND STREET SK 35384 33964 Yes
PRIDE PARKWAY A6 SK 36041 35938 Yes
PRINCES STREET SK 35472 34262 Yes
QUEEN STREET SK 35157 36612 Yes OS Locator shows the road between the Cathedral and the Dolphin as being part of Iron Gate, but OSM shows it as part of Queen Street - which one is correct?
RAILWAY TERRACE B6000 SK 36143 35714 Yes
Rauche Court Yes (2009?) On OSM, but not on OS Locator (which shows it as part of Morleston St), not named on OS StreetView.
REEVES ROAD SK 35710 34283 Yes (OSSV for name)
REGENT STREET SK 35925 35390 Yes, but not named No road name sign spotted.
REGINALD STREET SK 35740 34920 Yes
RENALS STREET SK 35052 35235 Yes Yes Some
RICHMOND ROAD SK 35441 34493 Yes
ROSE HILL STREET SK 35485 34826 Yes
RUTLAND STREET SK 35477 34182 Yes
Sacheverel Street West Yes Formerly part of Sacheverel Street, renamed as Sacheverel Street West after the new inner ring road extension cut across the road. Not on OS StreetView or OS Locator.
SADLER GATE SK 35066 36327 Yes OSM refers to it as Sadlergate rather than Sadler Gate as on OS Locator - which is correct?
Sadlergate Bridge Yes There is still a sign at the western end of Sadlergate/Sadler Gate which names it as Sadlergate Bridge, despite the bridge having disappeared many years ago after the Markeaton Brook was culverted. OS Locator includes it as part of Sadler Gate however.
SALE STREET SK 35596 34640 Yes
SALISBURY STREET SK 35056 35165 Yes Some
SHAFTESBURY CRESCENT SK 35738 34197 Yes Road is split in two sections on OSM but not on OSSV
SHAFTESBURY STREET SOUTH SK 35895 34040 Yes, but see note Mapped as just 'Shaftesbury Street' on OSM - need to check which is correct
SIDDALS ROAD B6000 SK 36050 35886 Yes
SIDDALS ROAD SK 35820 36009 Yes
SIDNEY STREET SK 35910 35109 Yes
Silk Mill Lane Yes Yes A service road not on OS Locator, it is on OS StreetView but isn't named.
SILVER HILL ROAD SK 35057 34819 Yes
SITWELL STREET SK 35298 35813 Yes
SOCIETY PLACE SK 35032 34913 Yes
SOWTER ROAD SK 35284 36656 Yes
SPA LANE SK 34877 35472 Yes At least part of Spa Lane is one way, but it has not been tagged as so.
ST ALKMUND\'S WAY A601 SK 35263 36753 Yes
ST CHAD\'S ROAD SK 34701 34870 Yes Yes (2009-10) Some (2009-10)
ST JAMES\'S STREET SK 35176 36223 Yes
ST MARY\'S GATE SK 35091 36469 Yes
ST MICHAEL\'S LANE SK 35216 36639 Yes
ST THOMAS ROAD SK 35372 34240 Yes OS Locator shows a section of street which it names as part of St Thomas Road but OSM names it as part of Dairy House Rd - which is correct?
STAFFORD STREET A601 SK 34755 36347 Yes Changes to road to occur during 2010 as a result of the inner ring road extension currently being built.
STATION APPROACH A6 SK 35740 36118 Yes, but not with this name On OSM this is shown as part of Pride Parkway, but OS StreetView shows it as Station Approach - which is correct?
STATION APPROACH B6000 SK 36044 35950 Yes
STONE HILL ROAD SK 34660 34866 Yes Some Some (2009 or 10)
STRUTT STREET SK 35386 34944 Yes Not connected to Loudon Street - is this correct?
STUART STREET SK 35441 36545 Yes
TEMPLE STREET SK 35004 35022 Yes
TENNANT STREET SK 35369 36267 Yes Named Tenant Street in OSM - need to check which is correct.
THE AVENUE SK 35367 35541 Yes
THE COCK PITT A601 SK 35679 36062
THE COCK PITT SK 35661 36184
The Shrubberies Yes A named path off Provident St/Industrial St with a terrace of houses which is on OSM but is not on OS Locator or on OS StreetView
The Spot Yes Not on OS StreetView or on OS Locator but is on OSM. Although 'The Spot' is a widely used name for the area where St Peters St, Osmaston Rd and London Rd meet, is it an official street name or not?
THE STRAND SK 35101 36270 Yes On OSM as 'Strand' rather than 'The Strand' - which is correct?
THE UNDERPASS A52 SK 35647 36586 Yes None present No addresses
THORNTREE LANE SK 35446 36163 Yes
TINTAGEL CLOSE SK 35910 34681 Yes
TRAFFIC STREET A601 SK 35689 36052 Yes
TRINITY STREET SK 35827 35604 Yes
TWYFORD STREET SK 35367 35154 Yes
UPLANDS GARDENS SK 34433 34873 Yes OS StreetView shows Uplands Gdns as extending a bit further than OSM does.
VICARAGE AVENUE SK 34525 34900 Yes
VICTORIA STREET SK 35198 36152 Yes Most
VULCAN STREET SK 35780 34203 Yes
WALKER LANE SK 34969 36513 Yes
WARDWICK SK 35060 36243 Yes Named 'The Wardwick' rather than 'Wardwick' on OSM - which is correct?
WEBSTER STREET SK 34959 35664 Yes
WESTERN ROAD SK 34982 35074 Yes Yes Some
WHISTON STREET SK 35213 34742 Yes
WHITAKER ROAD SK 34363 34836 Yes
WHITAKER STREET SK 35316 34783 Yes
WILFRED STREET SK 35523 34665 Yes
WILMOT STREET SK 35317 35629 Yes Need to check whether the western part has been renamed, like other similar roads which have been divided by the inner ring road extension.
WILSON STREET SK 35014 35856 Yes
Wilson Street West Yes Not on OS StreetView or Locator - this was the western part of Wilson St renamed as Wilson St West when it was cut off by the new inner ring road extension.
YATES STREET SK 35298 34450 Yes
B6000 SK 35946 35975