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The table below gives details of progress of mapping the roads in Darley Ward. The street names, road reference numbers and grid references are taken from OS OpenData Locator (see Ordnance_Survey_Opendata).

Please help to improve and update this table, which will help identify the remaining mapping work to be done.

Streets should be marked as mapped only when the full length of the street is mapped, and it is named. If the name in OpenStreetMap differs from that in the OS data, please note this in the notes field - the difference between the names could be a result of the OS's error rather than ours so don't change it on OpenStreetMap without visiting the street to check which is correct. Adding the date of when something was last mapped or checked could also be helpful in the future to identify whether data could be out-of-date.

Abbreviations/codes/terms used in the table

  • OSL - indicates that the name was derived from OS OpenData Locator rather than by survey.
  • OSSV - mapped only by tracing over Ordnance Survey Opendata StreetView, instead of by a survey. It would be useful to carry out a proper survey of these streets in the future, to verify that the street exists and is correctly mapped on OS StreetView, and to map details which are missing from OS StreetView (eg whether the street is one-way, other restrictions).
  • Not present - indicates that there were no shops, amenities etc present on that road at the time of mapping.
  • No addresses - no buildings have an address on that particular road.

Street name Ref Grid ref Street mapped Amenities mapped Addressing Notes
ABBEY HILL A38 SK 35359 39558 Not named in OSM
ABBEY LANE SK 35082 38486 Yes
ABBEY YARD SK 35136 38370 Not named in OSM
ABEEYCROFT LANE SK 34748 38787 No On the western side of Duffield Rd between Slack Lane and Ferrers Way.
ADLER COURT SK 35645 37155 Yes Mapped as service road on OSM.
AGARD STREET A52 SK 34649 36529 Yes
ALFRETON ROAD SK 35875 38251 Yes
ALICE STREET SK 35612 36680 Yes
ARTHUR HIND CLOSE SK 34552 37409 Yes
ARTHUR STREET SK 35036 37046 Yes
ASHBOURNE ROAD A38 SK 33466 36975
ASHBOURNE ROAD A52 SK 34174 36605 Yes
AURIGA COURT SK 35725 37456 Yes Mapped as service road on OSM
BANK VIEW ROAD SK 34883 37830 Yes
BATH STREET SK 35182 37006 Yes Northern end of road possibly not fully mapped? - shown as longer on OS StreetView. Also a road off Bath Street to the east shown on OS StreetView is not mapped in OSM.
BEECH DRIVE SK 34748 37847 Yes
BELPER ROAD SK 34918 37325 Yes
BENDAN GARDENS SK 34401 38045 Name discrepancy Named Brendan Gardens on OSM and OS StreetView, but Bendan Gardens on OS Locator,
BRADLEY STREET SK 34062 37608 Yes
BRICK ROW SK 35121 38472 Yes
BRICK STREET SK 34371 36563 Yes (name from OSSV)
BRIDGE STREET SK 34678 36717 Yes
BRIDGE STREET A52 SK 34504 36543 Yes
BROAD BANK SK 34052 37708 Yes
BROADWAY SK 34340 37771 Yes
BROMLEY STREET SK 34296 37424 Yes
BROOK STREET SK 34692 36695 Yes
BROOKSIDE CLOSE SK 34172 37263 Yes
BUCHANAN STREET SK 35221 36875 Yes
BUCKLAND CLOSE SK 34248 36663 Yes
BURLEIGH DRIVE SK 34720 37578 Yes Mapped as a service road (driveway) on OSM.
CAESAR STREET SK 35645 37275 Yes
CAMP STREET SK 35520 37459 Yes
CANON\'S WALK SK 34873 38646 Yes
CARDEAN CLOSE SK 35681 37197 Yes
CATHEDRAL ROAD SK 34949 36658 Yes
CEDAR STREET SK 34086 37513 Yes
CHARING COURT SK 35665 37062 Yes
CHEVIN PLACE SK 34891 37174 Yes
CHEVIN ROAD SK 34848 37236 Yes
CHURCH LANE SK 35074 38861 Yes
CHURCH LANE NORTH SK 34905 39199 Yes
CITY ROAD SK 35365 37186 Yes
CLARKE STREET SK 35806 36748 Yes
COLVILE STREET SK 33979 36778 Yes
COPPICE CLOSE SK 34989 38487 Yes
COWLEY STREET SK 34351 37192 Yes
CUT LANE SK 35729 37282 Yes Mapped as a service road on OSM.
DARLEY GROVE SK 35127 37226 Yes
DARLEY LANE SK 35144 36833 Yes
DARLEY PARK DRIVE SK 34874 38026 Yes
DARLEY PARK ROAD SK 34949 38227 Yes
DARLEY STREET SK 35276 38459 Yes
DARWIN PLACE A52 SK 35868 36501 Yes check ref Ref on OSM is A601 rather than A52.
DERVENTIO CLOSE SK 35398 37481 Yes
DOWER CLOSE SK 35171 38497 Yes
DRAGE STREET SK 35674 37342 Yes
DUFFIELD ROAD SK 34736 38751
DUFFIELD ROAD A6 SK 34804 37739 Yes (name from OSSV)
DUKE STREET SK 35316 36816 Yes
EASTGATE A52 SK 35771 36545 Yes
EATON COURT SK 34398 36824 Yes (11/2010) None present?
EDWARD STREET SK 35056 36885 Yes OSM shows this as a through road but OS StreetView shows it as blocked off at the eastern end.
ELMS STREET SK 34623 37119 Name discrepancy Elm Street on OSM, Elms Street in OSM Locator
ETRURIA GARDENS SK 35343 37089 Yes
EUSTON DRIVE SK 35761 37132 Yes
FERRERS WAY SK 34749 38885 Name discrepancy Part of road named Ferrars Way on OSM - is this an error?
FOLLY ROAD SK 35527 38387 Yes
FORD STREET A601 SK 34805 36542 Yes ref discrepancy Mapped as A52 on OSM.
FOX STREET SK 35599 36785 Yes
FRIAR GATE A52 SK 34553 36472 Yes, name discrepancy Friargate on OSM but Friar Gate on OS StreetView and OS Locator.
FRIARS CLOSE SK 35003 38974 Yes (apostrophe issue) In OSM the name has an apostrophe Friars' Close, but OS Locator doesn't include an apostrophe.
GARDEN STREET SK 34902 36850
GARDEN STREET A6 SK 34847 36938 Yes
GISBORNE GREEN SK 34491 36890 Yes (OSSV, name from OSL)
HASLAM\'S LANE SK 35697 38443 Yes (apostrophe issue) In OSM the name doesn't have an apostrophe, but OS StreetView/Locator include an apostrophe.
Hawthorn Court Yes Missing from OS Locator and StreetView
HENRY STREET SK 34983 36920 No
HIGHFIELD ROAD SK 34656 37359 Yes
JOHN LOMBE DRIVE SK 35440 37110 Yes
KEDLESTON ROAD SK 34316 37315 Yes
KEDLESTON ROAD A6 SK 34836 37048
KEDLESTON STREET SK 34762 36934 Yes SW end not named on OSM.
KENTISH COURT SK 35694 37144 Yes
KEYS STREET SK 35685 36683 Yes
KING STREET A6 SK 34993 36810 Yes
KING\'S MEAD CLOSE SK 34838 36868 Name discrepancy Kingsmead Close on OSM.
Kingsmead Walk No Some Some houses on the SW of Parker Close are addressed as Kingsmead Walk - this probably refers to the footpath between Bridge Street and Parker Street. Not included in OS Locator.
KINGSTON STREET SK 34990 37327 Yes
KIRK STREET SK 35508 37494 Yes
LAVENDER ROW SK 34896 38460 Yes Mapped as service road in OSM.
LEAFENDEN CLOSE SK 35219 39004 Yes
LEAPER STREET SK 34457 36895 Yes
Leyland Court Yes Service road missing from OS Locator
Leyland Gardens Yes Missing from OS Locator.
LEYLAND STREET SK 34400 37185 Yes
LISTON DRIVE SK 34530 37636 Name discrepancy Named Liston Bank on OSM.
LODGE LANE SK 34854 36779 Yes
LODGE LANE A6 SK 34938 36868 As a result of the opening of Quaker Way this section of Lodge Lane is probably no longer on the A6.
LONGFORD STREET SK 34029 37618 Yes
MACKWORTH ROAD SK 34212 36957 Yes
MAGNUS COURT SK 35630 37628 No Shown on OS Locator as being off Alfreton Rd, north of Old Chester Rd.
MANSFIELD ROAD SK 35585 37105 Yes
MAPLEBECK COURT SK 35445 36996 Yes
Marcus Street Yes Pedestrian road missing from OS Locator/StreetView
MARGARET STREET SK 35078 37092 Yes
MARKEATON STREET SK 34095 36836 Yes Partly mapped as service road on OSM
MERCHANT STREET SK 34089 36732 Yes
MILE ASH LANE SK 34864 38395 Yes
MILFORD STREET SK 34968 37078 Yes
MILL STREET SK 34459 36595 Yes (name from OSSV)
MUNDY CLOSE SK 34483 36799 Yes
MUNDY STREET SK 34467 36779 Yes
NEW ROAD SK 35148 38400 Yes
NEWTON\'S WALK SK 34229 37532 Yes Partly mapped as a footway on OSM.
NOEL STREET SK 33905 36762 Yes
Norfolk Gardens Yes Service road missing from OS Locator.
NORTH AVENUE SK 35098 39136 Yes
NORTH PARADE SK 35130 36989 Yes
NORTH ROW SK 35217 38422 Yes
NORTH STREET SK 34998 37019 Yes I think the western end of the road is no entry (need to confirm whether this is the case), but no restrictions are currently in OSM. Also a road off North Street (at the western end) shown on OS StreetView is not mapped in OSM.
NOTTINGHAM ROAD SK 35639 36623 Yes Three roads off Nottingham Rd (W of Pentagon Island) shown on OS StreetView, are not mapped in OSM.
NUN\'S STREET SK 34455 36697 Yes
NUTWOOD CLOSE SK 35188 39062 Yes
OLD CHESTER ROAD SK 35455 37530 Yes (name from OSSV)
OLD LANE SK 35241 38516 Yes
OTTER STREET SK 35084 37214 Yes
PARK GROVE SK 34369 37495 Yes
PARKER CLOSE SK 34758 36890 Yes
PARKER STREET SK 34615 37005 Yes
PAYNE STREET SK 33883 36811 Yes
PENNY LONG LANE SK 34373 37880 Yes Some roads off Penny Long Lane shown on OS StreetView are missing in OSM.
PHOENIX STREET SK 35428 36726 Yes
PLOUGH GATE SK 34878 38712 Yes
POPLAR ROW SK 35261 38376 No Shown on OS Locator as being in Darley Abbey between Darley St and New Rd
PRIME PARKWAY SK 35607 37053 Yes Some roads off Prime Parkway shown on OS StreetView are missing in OSM.
PYBUS STREET SK 33790 36847 Yes
Quaker Way A6 Yes Yes None present New road opened in 2010, missing from OS StreetView and Locator
QUARN STREET SK 34510 37018 Southern part is mapped as part of Leaper Street on OSM
QUARN WAY SK 34607 36931 Yes (11/2010) Yes (11/2010) Yes (11/2010)
QUEEN MARY COURT SK 34729 37269 Yes
QUEENSWAY SK 33621 37063 Yes
QUEENSWAY A38 SK 34075 37929
REDSHAW STREET SK 34303 37217 Yes (name from OSSV)
RIVER STREET SK 35223 36915 Yes
ROBERT STREET SK 35707 36688 Yes
ROBIN ROAD SK 34847 37446 Yes
ROMAN ROAD SK 35675 37417 Yes
RUSKIN ROAD SK 34853 37344 Yes
SEALE STREET SK 35501 37090 Yes
SEARL STREET SK 34615 36569 Yes
SHAW STREET SK 34038 36773 Yes
Shaws Green Yes Missing from OS Locator
SHERWIN STREET SK 34060 37580 Yes
SLACK LANE SK 34656 38599 Yes
SONGBIRD CLOSE SK 34714 38529 Yes Included on OS Locator, but not in OS StreetView
SOUTH AVENUE SK 35259 39007 Yes
SOUTH DRIVE SK 34937 37401 Yes
SOWTER ROAD SK 35294 36774 Yes
SPINNEY CLOSE SK 35159 38672 Yes
Saint Anne's Close Yes (11/2010) Yes (11/2010) Yes (11/2010) Pedestrian road/cycleway, not included in OS StreetView/Locator
ST ALKMUND\'S WAY A601 SK 35311 36748 Yes ref discrepancy Ref is A52 on OSM but is A601 on OS Locator and StreetView.
ST HELEN\'S STREET SK 34922 36696 Yes
ST HELEN\'S STREET A6 SK 35093 36746
ST HUGH\'S CLOSE SK 35000 38652 Yes
ST JOHN\'S TERRACE SK 34527 36643 Yes (2010) None present (2010) Yes, except house at end (2010) A private road.
ST MARY\'S COURT SK 35256 36808 Yes (apostrophe issue) Mapped as service road on OSM. OSM doesn't have an apostrophe in the name, but OS Locator has an apostrophe.
ST MARYS WHARF ROAD SK 35692 37157 Yes Named St Marys Wharf Road on OSM, perhaps should be Saint Marys Wharf Road in accordance with guidelines on wiki not to use abbreviations in road names.
ST MATTHEW\'S WALK SK 34969 38607 Yes
ST PANCRAS WAY SK 35687 37071 Yes Named St Pancras Way on OSM, perhaps should be Saint Pancras Way in accordance with guidelines on wiki not to use abbreviations in road names.
Saint Pauls Road Yes Missing from OS Locator
STANLEY CLOSE SK 34734 37768 Yes
STATHAM STREET SK 34420 37375 Yes
THATCH CLOSE SK 34960 38908 Yes
THE CLOSE SK 34774 38989 Yes Mapped as service road in OSM
THE HILL SK 35199 38403 Yes
THE SQUARE SK 35249 38401 Yes (OSL)
THE UNDERPASS A52 SK 35871 36486 Yes
TIVOLI GARDENS SK 34220 37206 Yes
VICTOR AVENUE SK 34653 37628 Yes
VIVIAN STREET SK 35710 37543 Yes Name discrepancy between OS StreetView and OS Locator - Vivian Street on OS Locator (and also on OSM), Vivien Street on OS StreetView.
WALTER STREET SK 34377 37125 Yes
WATERLOO COURT SK 35700 37085 Yes
WATERSIDE CLOSE SK 35260 38791 Yes
WATSON STREET SK 34181 37179 Yes Some
WEIRFIELD ROAD SK 35240 38642 Name discrepancy Named Wierfield Road on OSM - is this an error?
WELL STREET SK 35156 37024 Yes
WEST AVENUE SK 34739 36979 Yes
WEST AVENUE A6 SK 34819 37058 Yes
WEST BANK AVENUE SK 34607 37677 Yes
WEST BANK CLOSE SK 34424 37663 Yes
WEST PARK ROAD SK 34222 37682 Yes
WEST ROW SK 35240 38477 Yes
WHEELDON AVENUE SK 34382 37481 Yes
Wheeldon Manor Yes Service road missing from OS Locator.
WHITE STREET SK 34479 37352 Yes
Whitecross Gardens Yes Missing from OS Locator.
WHITECROSS STREET SK 34414 36966 Mapped as part of Watson St on OSM
WILLIAM STREET SK 34547 36875 Yes
WILLOW CLOSE SK 34899 38546 Yes
WILLOW ROW SK 34818 36664 Yes
WOOD STREET SK 35494 36705 Yes Partly mapped as service road on OSM
WOODLAND ROAD SK 34291 37629 Yes