Devices with more than 20.000 points of logging memory

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This page is intended for the power loggers, the power users from the point of view of gathering and saving a large amount of track data. This means you don't want to save your tracks to a computer every day. So you need a device with more than 20.000 points of logging memory. Below is a brief list with the main parameters of devices that can handle this; see GPS reviews for more details on the units listed.

This list was mostly compiled in 2006. Prices will certainly be out of date and device options have changed. Also iOS/android smartphone options tend to be more popular these days (and tend to be pretty massive in terms of memory capacity compared to 2006 consumer GPS)


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device logging




points days

with 1 point/sec

revision battery price
NaviGPS NMEA SD-Card (<= 2GB) 25.000.000 289 LiPo 10─30h $120 / £65 (StorageDepot)
NaviGPS-BT NMEA SD-Card (<= 2GB) 25.000.000 289 LiPo 10─30h $130 (Storage Depot)
Garmin Legend CX GPX MicroSD (<= 1GB) 8.500.000 98 >=2.50 NiMh 10─32hr $238 / £230 1
Garmin Venture CX

(not tested)

GPX MicroSD (<= 1GB) 8.500.000 98 >=2.50 NiMh 10─32h $202 (Amazon) / £162 (GPSW)
Lassen iQ GPS Logger

(not tested)

NMEA, KML SD (<= 256M?) 1.500.000 17 n/a 4xAA, 20h $140 (Sparkfun)


1 Caution! ─ while the dollar price is cheaper than the UK price, US$ priced units come with a north american basemap, not an european. You may want this, but you may prefer a european unit. And Garmin Germany for example won't repair any non-german units.

For other GPS units see GPS Reviews