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DirectU Holmfirth.PNG
Author: NNG Labs
License: Free?
Platform: iPhone
Status: Broken
Version: 1.2.2 (2011-04-26)
Language: English

Offline map browsing with large OSM datasets (e.g. all of europe)

directu was a free iOS app offering offline map browsing with OpenStreetMap data bundled into the app.

The following appstore listings seem to have disappeared. Maybe they will re-appear at some point. The old apps crash when running on latest iOS versions.

Original appstore links

In fact it is a set of apps with separate listings on the appstore for several regions of the world and for iPhone and iPad.

Apps for different regions in the appstore: Europe, Germany, Asia & Russia, Australia, Africa, South America

Map data is bundled with the app, so this takes a while to download from the appstore, and doesn't get updated with changes from the OpenStreetMap community until they push out an app update (Last update April 2011)


DirectU London.PNG DirectU Holmfirth.PNG