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The Directed Editing Policy on was the draft policy created by the Data Working Group. As detailed below, several other policy documents were drafted until the current Organised Editing Guidelines were adopted.


In 2017 the OpenStreetMap community and the members of OpenStreetMap Foundation discussed a policy/guideline for directed, paid and organized editing. This page collects all the drafts which have been produced and links to the discussions of them.

The idea is not new to OSM. First thoughts were discussed in May 2014 on the Talk mailing list when Wikimedia Foundation introduced rules for paid editing on Wikipedia.

In 2016 a few German mappers wrote their own draft intended to apply to Germany and any other countries who adopt it. The draft was written and discussed on a hack weekend in February 2016 and OSM-Samstag barcamp in March 2017. The draft can be found at DE:Directed Editing Policy/German Draft (in German).

Christoph Hormann wrote his own draft loosely based on the German draft after these discussions, although the title of the wiki page might suggest that draft was not a translation of the German one.

The organised efforts of a coastline editing project brought this topic on the agenda of the OSMF board of directors in April 2017. The board decided to task the Data Working Group to start consulting such a policy. The topic has been discussed on later board meetings in June 2017 and July 2017. On 20 September 2017, the Data Working Group started a survey on this topic among the OpenStreetMap community. The questions and results are documented on the OSMF website but the survey was criticised as biased. Frederik Ramm started the discussion of the draft written by Data Working Group on OSMF-Talk and Talk mailing lists on 21 November 2017. The draft document "Directed Editing Policy" is on the OSMF website. The draft covers paid, unpaid but rewarded and totally volunteered but directed editing.

Some members of the OSMF Advisory Board wrote their own draft of a document called Organized Editing Best Practice and started a discussion at OSMF-Talk mailing list on 11 December 2017. This draft only covered paid and rewarded editing.

Applicable Rules

See Organised Editing Guidelines