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This page describes common properties of the directed editing activities by Microsoft.

This is an early draft

About our organization

Microsoft to be supplied


Our goal is to improve OpenStreetMap for our customers. Here are some examples of features we commonly focus on:

  • Turn Restrictions
  • Signposts
  • Lanes and Turn Lanes
  • Boundaries
  • New roads
  • Road names
  • Oneways
  • Traffic Signals

This is not an exhaustive list.

Mapping Projects

Our list of active mapping projects is [1]. You can leave comments and feedback directly with the relevant Github issue. If you do not have a Github account, please feel free to post your questions and feedback in the Discussion section of this page.


Our team uses JOSM for editing. We use many of the publicly available JOSM plugins to make our lives easier, such as .... We use our own internal instance of Tasking Manager to organize aspects of our work. We use public instances of OSM QA tools such as Osmose, KeepRight, OSMCha.


We use many of the data sources that are publicly available to all OSM mappers as JOSM layers.

Whenever we use third party datasets, we list those datasets as part of our project description. We only use datasets that have a license that is known to be compatible with ODbL. When in doubt, we reach out to LWG to vet the license before using the dataset.


You can contact the team through

A current list of the mapping team members can be found here (link).

Our policy is to respond to any mapping related inquiry within 24 business hours.

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