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Status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Valor Naram
Tagging: contact:phone=*
Applies to: Key
Definition: Tagging phone numbers of POIs

RFC start: 2019-12-04


This proposal tends to make Key:contact:phone the official tag for tagging phone numbers and to deprecate Key:phone which is not fitting in the idea of grouping keys. Anyway it's bad to have two keys for the exact same purpose in use because this makes life for data customers and data users easier and makes OSM data more attractive for third parties. Also mappers benefit from the idea to have just one key in use because they do not need to wonder why another key they don't know for the purpose of tagging phone numbers is in use.

Not at least it's good practise to consider all positions instead of sticking to his/her own position. Mappers stick to the position of Mappers. Developers stick to the position of Developers. This must come to an end. Mappers and Developers must need to understand both sites. This is my principle: Living in more than one world. This is what I try to achieve: Mappers and Developers working hand-in-hand and understanding each others need and way of thinking. An harmony, life is always about harmony, why not here in OSM world?

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