Disneyland Monorail System

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Disneyland Monorail System, Anaheim, California

latitude: 33.812873, longitude: -117.916745
Browse map of Disneyland Monorail System 33°48′46.34″ N, 117°55′00.28″ W
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Disneyland Monorail System is a rail system in Anaheim, California at latitude 33°48′46.34″ North, longitude 117°55′00.28″ West.

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The Disneyland Monorail System is made of 2.5 miles of track that encircles around the Disneyland Resort. Stops in Downtown Disney and returns to Tomorrowland inside Disneyland. Disneyland park admission is required to board the monorail at Downtown Disney. All passengers are required to debark the monorail at Tomorrowland Station. Guests who board at Tomorrowland are more then likely able to remain onboard once the monorail stops at Downtown Disney. Sometimes guests are required to debark at Downtown Disney if Disneyland is near park capacity or if monorail stations are over impacted with guests want to board at Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney Station closes 30 minutes prior to Disneyland park's closing and last monorail departs Tomorrowland for a one-trip to Downtown Disney at Disneyland's closing.


The Disneyland Monorail opened on June 14, 1959 as apart of the first New Tomorrowland. Disney originally patterned with the Alweg Company of Germany and Disney Ledged Bob Gerr to build the monorail system. The first Mark I monorail was just operational on opening day with break downs occurring so frequently that the ribbon cutting was lucky to occur. The Monorail only circled above Tomorrowland when it first opened providing guests with a futurist view of new Transportation ideas that would makeup the 21st Century. The Mark I had two trains with three cars each. The Disneyland Monorail was the First Daily Guest Operating Monorail System in the Entire Western Hemisphere

In 1961 the monorail loop was extended to include the Disneyland Hotel as a station was added at the hotel. The monorail system received two firsts for the accomplished: First Monorail to run along side of a highway (Harbor Blvd. was CA-83 at the time) and first Monorail to cross a street (West Street). The second monorail type, the Mark II (upgrades to the Mark Is with additional train) which had three trains with four cars each. In 1968 the Mark IIIs replaced the Mark IIs which had four trains with five cars requiring the monorail platforms to be extended.

In 1987 the Mark III were replaced by the Mark V monorails, four trains with five cars. These trains changed to match the color schemes of the Walt Disney World Monorail System's color schemes. The computer system designed to handle the new monorails could handle three trains on the beams at a time.

In 2008 the Mark Vs were replace by the Mark VIIs. The Mark VIIs have three trains with five cars. The new monorails designs were based off of the Mark II and IIIs shape and colors. The newer computer system can only handle two trains now being on the beams. At Tomorrowland the newer monorails have an only 6 inch clearance to stop where at Downtown Disney they have a 2 feet clearance to stop.


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