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August 1st - 2nd, Trentino, Italy

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The first mapping party in Italian mountain, spend two days on the Chain of the Brenta's Dolomites, one of the most beautiful areas of the Alps, organized by the community of the OMS, especially from the Trentino's mappers, and

Where and when

  • August, saturday 1st and sunday 2nd
  • Location: Dolomiti del Brenta.
  • Meeting place: To be defined. Probably Trento city.


  • First group: 31 Jul Friday afternoon: start from Trento city. Private cars are available. Who wants to use public transportation has to be in "San Lorenzo in Banale - ele=800m" not later than 15:30. Here will start the climb toward "Rifugio Agostini - ele=2400m" where will stay overnight. The climb will last about ~4h. There are some differents near paths. It would be useful to subdivide the group and map each path.
  • Second group: 1 Aug Saturday morning: start from Trento with a private car available in the early morning toward "Madonna di Campiglio - ele=1500m" and start of the climb toward "Rifugio Tuckett - ele=2270m" ~2h . Then the second group will explore the paths starting from Tuckett. In the meanwhile the first group will reach "Rifugio Tuckett" passing by "Rifugio Tosa/Pedrotti" and "Rifugio Brentei". The two groups will join together and we will stay overnight at Rifugio Tuckett
  • 2 Aug Sunday: Continuing to explore the paths starting from Tuckett. In the afternoon/evening the mapping party will end and we will reach the cars/public transportation stops.

All the paths are quite easy and alpine experience required is low. Only basic equipment is needed (hiking boots).


If you are interested in attending to the mapping party, you can sign down here (this is an informal list, just to see who may be coming).

Attending: Presenti +/-
Name Starting from? Do you have a car? Do you have beds to share? Nights at shelters?
Lucadelu yes for 2 people 2
Ale_Zena_IT Genova 2
ilrobi Milano
napo yes
cade Vobarno, Brescia, Italy Yes No Not sure
Marcello yes for 2 people 2
miczanin Trento yes no not sure
wudligbauer Schwaz no no not sure
Not attending: non presenti
Pedro Valcamonica Sopraggiunti impegni
DarioBetti Trento Sopraggiunti impegni



In Trento city

  • Free: some local OSMapper couch :) Anyone available? Add here.

On Dolomites

Alpine hut: Rifugi You can set the position of alpine hut [here] +/-
Name alpine hut Price for CAI members (sleep, breakfast and dinner) Price for not CAI members (sleep, breakfast and dinner) Price for CAI members (only sleep) Price for not CAI members (only sleep) Internet Who want stay here/how many people
Rifugio Tuckett 37 € 48 € 11 € 22 €
Rifugio Dodici Apostoli 37 € 48 €
Rifugio Tosa Pedrotti 37 € 46 € 11 € 22 € yes via gprs
Rifugio Agostini 32 € bevande escluse 32 € bevande escluse lucadelu/1
Rifugio Graffer 37 € 35 € 16 € with breackfast 26 € with breackfast



  • Verona: ~90km from Trento. Verona Airport to Trento (bus+train): ~2h ~10€
  • Milano: ~200km from Trento. Milano to Trento (bus+train): ~4h ~25€

Flights from Germany to Verona International

Flights from UK to Verona International

Flights from France to Milan


  • Trento railway station.
    • From Innsbruck-Muenchen: direct connection.

From Trento City to Brenta's Dolomites (local transportation)

Distance: ~50km (It depends where will be exactly our basecamp)

  • Private cars

Anyone available? Please add here.

  • Regional buses

Bus 201 Time Table Bus 201 route

  • Trento-Malè-Marilleva light railway (soon in OSM as route)

Trentino Trasporti


What to bring

  • basic hiking equipment (please no flip flop)
  • GPS unit (to get GPS traces and note waypoints)
  • Digital camera, if you know how to geo-reference photos
  • Pen & paper (essential)
  • Laptop (try to have JOSM installed)