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Dudelange, Canton Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

latitude: 49.4800, longitude: 6.0878
Browse map of Dudelange 49°28′48.00″ N, 6°05′16.08″ E
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Dudelange is a city in Canton Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg at latitude 49°28′48.00″ North, longitude 6°05′16.08″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Dudelange is Luxembourg's fourth largest city, situated in the South of the Grand Duchy, on the French border.

Scenerywise, it is famous for its 285m radio and television mast, located on the Ginzebierg at N49.27 E06.05 and visible from afar. The former steel mines now form part of the Haard Nature Reserve.

Mapping on OSM is virtually complete, bar a few paths/tracks in the surrounding hills.

Land development

New Housing Estate
In Autumn 2013, construction work started on a new housing estate Lenkeschléi, situated in the East of Dudelange. The project is expected to be completed by 2018.
Dud lenkes.jpg
New roundabout complex
In early 2014, construction work will commence on a new roundabout complex, situated North West of Burange. It is designed to alleviated the traffic-flow to and from the A13 motorway. Work is estimated to take four years to complete .
Dud round.jpg

OSM relations

Walking routes

Various official walks run through the area:

  • Sentier Du Sud
  • GR5/E2
  • Jakobsweg
  • Sentier Luxembourg-Dudelange
  • Fleche Bleu Dudelange 1 (168)
  • Fleche Bleu Dudelange 2 (169)
  • CFL1 Dudelange-Luxembourg City
  • CFL2 Dudelange/Burange-Berchem
  • CFL3 Dudelange/Burange-Tetange
  • CFL5 Dudelange/Usines-Rumelange
  • Club Vosgiens Sentier de la Minette (Dudelange - Volmerange)
  • Papillon Rouge (Sentier Didactique)

Cycling routes

None of the official PC routes runs through the area, although an extension of the PC-8 has been planned that will connect Tetange with Bettembourg via the Haard Nature Reserve and Dudelange Usines. More info at Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ .

Public Transport Routes

Dudelange has a good network of bus (TICE) and rail (CFL) routes. All railway stations and most of the bus stops are on the OSM map.

Bus Routes
Bus Number Route Relation Notes
5 Dudelange - Esch relation 1391523
8 Hotel de Ville - Ribeschpont relation 1836213
9 Hotel de Ville - Wolkeschdahl relation 1830337
10 Hotel de Ville - Breiningerbierg relation 1851318

Railway stations

  • Dudelange Usines
  • Dudelange Centre
  • Dudelange Ville
  • Dudelange Burange


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