Durham, North Carolina

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Durham, North Carolina, North Carolina

latitude: 35.994, longitude: -78.900
Browse map of Durham, North Carolina 35°59′38.40″ N, 78°54′00.00″ W
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Durham, North Carolina is a city in North Carolina at latitude 35°59′38.40″ North, longitude 78°54′00.00″ West.

This page refers to the city in North Carolina. For other uses of Durham, see Durham (disambiguation).


Aerial Imagery

  • Both Maxar layers are the most recent in the area, as of Aug 2019
  • Mapbox is also quite recent, the Nearmap imagery should be from 2018. It may need some alignment to:
  • Esri World Imagery (which uses NC Orthoimagery). This is the same imagery as NC Ortho but should be more accurate. Try to use this for alignment.

Streetside Imagery

  • Bing Streetside has imagery of almost the entire area from 2014.
  • There are quite a few tracks on Mapillary in the area, but some of it is dated and most is only forward-facing.