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dxf2gpx is a Windows program to convert CAD data of a DXF file to a GPX file, readable by JOSM or, e.g., Google Earth, or to an OSM File, readable by JOSM.

The program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


dxf2gpx reads the POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE and LINE entities of the section ENTITIES in a DXF File (Gauss Krueger Coordinates including strip number) and writes a GPX File, one track per POLYLINE/LWPOLYLINE/LINE, readable by JOSM or Google Earth. Optionally dxf2gpx writes an OSM File instead of the GPX File.

BLOCKs, POINTS etc. are not converted in the actual version of the program.


You can download the program at this page.


Version 1.2: Only writes GPX

Version 1.3: Can write an OSM File instead of the GPX File

Bug Reporting / Proposals

Please note any bugs or proposals for new features here:

Transform other formats

see Converting map data between formats and Converting GPS track data between formats