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"swissBOUNDARIES3D contains all administrative units and national boundaries of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein in vector form. The product is based on an optimized data model for Switzerland and conforms to the data of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. swissBOUNDARIES3D replaces the GG25 dataset from 2010 onwards." Source

Even though the downloads on the website has restricted rights, we have a written consent by the head of the Federal Office of Topography (Swisstopo) that we are allowed to import the municipal boundaries into OSM. The data has been uploaded and integrated on the weekend of July 8th/9th/10th 2011 during a mapping party (german).

If you find erroneous data, you can report it on the discussion-page of this entry and we will remove it as soon as possible.


  • 2011-07-09 The import is ongoing...
  • 2011-07-10 Reversion of changesets as the data was not transformed correctly..
  • 2011-07-20 cleanup of old data ongoing. Import probably this weekend.
  • 2011-07-24 2nd run has started -- and finished

Work to do

Adding new relation:boundary for the canton boundaries (admin_level=4) as well as for the Verwaltungskreise (admin_level=5) and the Bezirke (admin_level=6) if any. The admin_level of the ways in these relations needs to be changed accordingly.

The following should be added to these relations:


tags: name, name:*, source=swissBOUNDARIES3D, swisstopo:KANTONSNUM, ref

members: all ways with role outer/inner, admin_centre, label (get the last two from the old relation)


tags: name, name:*, source=swissBOUNDARIES3D, swisstopo:BEZIRKSNUM

members: all ways with role outer/inner, admin_centre, label (get the last two from the old relation)


Keep track of the relation building/border merging work after the import. Add your name to the canton before you start editing. Don't edit cantons where another user is editing to avoid conflicts.

  • For some cantons the relations for admin_level 5/6 already exist from before the import. They are marked with a * (maybe not all). You may reuse these relations.
  • User t-i suggests not to reuse the relations but to create new ones for the new relation because of the relicensing issues.
  • Editing Relation 51701 (Swiss boundary) at the moment:
Canton User done national border
Aargau beni 24.7.11/25.7.11
fixed some holes in the canton boundary --Mgeiser 18:41, 26 July 2011 (BST)
Appenzell Innerrhoden t-i none
Appenzell Ausserrhoden t-i none
Bern beni 24.7.11/25.7.11 none
Basel-Landschaft beni 24.7.11/25.7.11 done
Basel-Stadt ueliw0 5.8.11 finished borders merged
Fribourg FiFri 3.8.11 Kanton gemacht, 4.8.11 Bezirke gemacht none
Genève steph 27.7.11 done
Glarus t-i 25.7.11 keine Bezirke vorhanden none
Graubünden lonvia, datendelphin 25.7.11 canton done, level 5 still ongoing; 12.02.2012 level 6; done. borders merged
Jura ueliw0 3.8.11 finished borders merged
Luzern t-i 25.7.11 Kantonsrelation gemacht, Ämter folgen (Ämter haben keine Administrativen Aufgaben mehr: siehe [1]) none
Neuchâtel Stéph 27.7.11 done
Nidwalden beni 25.7.11 (keine Bezirke) none
Obwalden beni 25.7.11 (keine Bezirke) none
St. Gallen ueliw0 26.7.11 finished borders merged
Schaffhausen lonvia Kanton gemacht, Bezirke gemacht borders merged
Solothurn ueliw0 6.8.11 finished borders merged
Schwyz beni 27.7.11 none
Thurgau lonvia Kanton fertig, Bezirke fertig borders merged
Ticino ueliw0 29.7.11 finished borders merged
Uri ueliw0 1.8.11 finished none
Vaud steph 26.7.11 done
Wallis, Valais beni (I don't have time to merge the national border atm, if you do, please feel free to complete the work 26.7.11 nothing done yet
Zug beni 25.7.11 (keine Bezirke) none
Zürich ueliw0 30.7.11 finished borders merged