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EuroVelo 1 is bicycle version of Atlantic Coast Route],from Scandinavia to the Algarve. EV1 is going through Norway,United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France,Spain, Portugal . Planned route distance is xxxx km.

The mapping of the EV1 is a part of the European mapping projects: EuroVelo

Online Map

You can check EV1 on Waymarked Trials

EuroVelo relations

EV1 superroute relation EuroVelo 1 contains:

Part Relation Route Note
Norway relation 2795116 From Nordkap To Bergen full presue
United Kingdom relation 2763769 From Aberdeen To Belfast via Glasgow And from Cardiff to Plymouth incomplete in Scotland
Republic of Ireland relation 6656305 From Newtowncunningham to Rosslare Route decided in Donegal, parts of Mayo, Limerick, Waterford
France relation 4774799 From Roscoff to Hendaye
Spain relation 2668084 From Béhobia to Portugal via Salamanca
Portugal relation 2762339 From Vila Real de Santo Antonio to Sagres via Faro

France part is itself a superroute

Part Relation
Roscoff > Carhaix relation 5444896 .. Ok
Carhaix > Pontivy relation 5444941 .. Ok
Pontivy > Redon relation 5445026 .. Ok
Redon > Nantes relation 5444942 .. Ok
Nantes > St-Brevin relation 4840307 .. ..
St-Brevin > La Barre de Monts - Fromentine - île de Noirmoutier relation 4840310 .. Ok
La Barre de Monts - Fromentine - île de Noirmoutier > Les Sables d'Olonne relation 4840311 .. Ok
Les Sables d'Olonne > La Rochelle relation 4840315 .. Ok
La Rochelle > Royan relation 4840316 .. Ok
Royan > Lacanau-Océan relation 4840314 .. Ok
Lacanau-Océan > Arcachon relation 4840542 .. Ok
Arcachon > Léon relation 4840540 .. Ok
Léon > Bayonne relation 4840543 .. Reste l 'arrivée à traiter
Bayonne > Hendaye relation 4840541 .. Ok

Relation mapping guide


Each country could have a relation according to the following example :

name=EuroVelo 1 - part Country



Don't forget mapping the amenities (shelter, fountain, drinking water, bench, toilets, pharmacy... amenity=*), shops (shop=*) and other touristic features (hostel, camp, picnic_site, viewpoint... tourism=*) along the way that could have interest for the pilgrims, but WITHOUT including them into the relation.


In France it name is Vélodyssée http://www.lavelodyssee.com/

WikiProject France/Itinéraires cyclables

Type Role Discussion
way (blank) or 'forward' or 'backward' the ways making up the route.