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The Edinburgh hack weekend on Nov 2012

Will take place on 24th and 25th in Edinburgh hacklab. Hacklab is currently at Out of the Blue (Drill Hall), just off Leith Walk. Start time 11:00am both days (finish time tbc...)

  • Studio S5, Out Of The Blue, 36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG

Thanks to Edinburgh Hacklab member for offering to host us at their venue. This venue is limited to 8 people max. First come, first served - indicate your attendance below and which day(s). Please add to the list of hack challenges and share your ideas. If more than 8 people sign up, you can always drop by to chat but you may end up squeezed out into the corridor.

Pictures and videos

Hack Challenges

  • Live minutely updated PostGIS database for Scotland (history too?) Minutely database setup guide, History extracts, History file backgorund info
  • OSMScotland website
  • Live stats for Scotland
  • MSP election constituency or local council level analysis of cycle network Hawkeyes using OSM data + OS OpenData Boundary Line for area polygons
    • cycle path length per person, capacity of cycle parking, bike friendliness metric - population data acquired from SNS
    • Bicycle data quality: number of editors and edits over time etc
    • Demo Test: QGIS produced map on flickr
  • Mapbox web map for Orchards in Scotland Hawkeyes
  • Rubber sheeting Edinburgh Cycle Tube map with OpenCycleMap Hawkeyes
  • How to provide a service for community group to link OSM objects to external database holding further information e.g. photos (Overpass api permament OSM ID)Hawkeyes

Who is coming there?

Please update with your user name + which day or both days.

  • Hawkeyes - both days
  • Jo - both days
  • Steve K - both days
  • Abi - Sunday
  • Chris - both days

Hack Weekend?

An OpenStreetMap "hack weekend" is a meet-up where we bring along laptops to an office space and spend the weekend doing some technical work to improve OpenStreetMap. This may be development of the "core" components, the editors, or any other side projects and pet projects we fancy hacking on. OpenStreetMap has development tasks sprouting from it in all directions. There's work to do in almost any programming language, as well as tasks like documentation, and even some non-technical graphics design and translation tasks.

We mostly take a fairly unstructured free-form format. People turn up and start beavering away on something, or they turn up and see what they can help with. However we can also run more structured workshops if there is demand