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Eritrea, Africa

latitude: 15.2, longitude: 39.8
Browse map of Eritrea 15°12′00.00″ N, 39°48′00.00″ E
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Eritrea is a country in Africa at latitude 15°12′00.00″ North, longitude 39°48′00.00″ East.

Data Import

  • Roads - Africover
  • Rails - DEPHA
  • Rivers - Africover
  • Admin Boundaries (need to determine current status of OSM dataset before doing anything here) - Africover


Eritrea is a multilingual country. The nation has no official language, as the Constitution establishes the "equality of all Eritrean languages". However, Tigrinya serve as de facto language of national identity. Modern Standard Arabic serves as de facto national language. English also serves as a de facto national working language (and is the only one written in the Latin script).

For mapping, use name:en for the English name, name:ti for the Tigrinya name, name:ar for the Arabic name. In the name field, write Tigrinya name / Arabic name / English name. This way, maps are rendered in the main language (en, ti, ar) as monolingual, in other languages trilingual. For italian names, use name:it. Examples: Akordat, Keren

The other official languages can be added in a separate name field: Tigre, Afar, Saho, Kunama, Bedscha, Blin and Nara.

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