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Esbjerg, Denmark

latitude: 55.495, longitude: 8.43
Browse map of Esbjerg 55°29′42.00″ N, 8°25′48.00″ E
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Esbjerg is a city in Denmark at latitude 55°29′42.00″ North, longitude 8°25′48.00″ East.

Esbjerg is the 5th largest city in Denmark with a population of approximately 72'000. Esbjerg was previously mostly known for smelling of fish because of its huge fleet of fishing vessels and related industries.

Building of the harbour was dictated by law in late 1800 to make a Danish seaport to the North Sea, after losing Hamburg to the Germans. Thus the city is rather new and has developed somewhat nicely planned in it's approx. 100 years of existence. Today services to North Sea oil platforms and wind energy are the most active industries.