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European Union, Europe

latitude: 56.7, longitude: 15
Browse map of the European Union 56°42′00.00″ N, 15°00′00.00″ E
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Flag of the European Union
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European Union is a supranational union in Europe at latitude 56°42′00.00″ North, longitude 15°00′00.00″ East.

Relations representing the European Union in OpenStreetMap

Because of its size, it would be cumbersome to represent the EU with ordinary boundary relations or even "French (nested) boundary relations" - which has been attempted in the past but ultimately given up. There are also unresolved border conflicts of and even between EU member states, further adding to the complexity of this approach.[1]

Instead, the EU is nowadays essentially mapped as a collection of boundary relations of the member countries. However, beware that not all territory of the member states is territory of the EU. Hence the EU is not represented by one relation, but by multiple:


  1. Bizarre example: Oyster Pond border dispute between EU member state Kingdom of the Netherlands (claimed as Sint Maarten, overseas country or territory, not part of EU) and EU member state France (claimed as Saint-Martin, outermost region, part of EU).