Simple 3D Buildings/Example Models

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This page should serve to share some experience with creating buildings using 'Simple 3D Buildings' and other proposed modeling approaches. It would also be good to compare the results with different implementations for a specific case at hand.

Complex Roof

ProposedRoofLines OSM2World (experimentally) supports roof:ridge/roof:edge=yes but only considers roof:height which can be set on nodes or ways. If a buildings uses ridge/edge modeling the whole roof must be modeled this way, i.e. roof:shape tags are ignored for any others parts.


Multipolygon Roof

Working in Kenzi3D and OSM2World.

This building is modeled with a 'building' relation consisting of two parts:

* A multipolygon of height 12m with the building outline as 'outer' and the center area as 'inner' 
* A part for the lower center area of height 7m

(in OSM2World this is simpler to achieve though)


Round Roof

A testcase used to develop 'roof:shape=round' in OSM2World