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Exeter, Devon

latitude: 50.72, longitude: -3.51
Browse map of Exeter 50°43′12.00″ N, 3°30′36.00″ W
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Exeter is a city in Devon at latitude 50°43′12.00″ North, longitude 3°30′36.00″ West. This page refers to the city in England. For other uses, see Exeter (disambiguation).


A city in the South West of England. Capital city of Devon with a population of around 122,000 people. Mapping is generally good here although there are a number of streets that need to be completed. Exeter is a transition town and a cycle demonstration city. As a result it has an excellent cycle network which may be viewed through the Cycle Map.

State of the Map

The city and surrounding places are largely complete but there are a few outstanding roads that need to be added. A list of roads will appear with what I think is missing.

Missing Streets

This is hopefully a fairly comprehensive list of streets but may include OSM spelling mistakes or mis-named streets (e.g. Street instead of Close for a named street). It may exclude new developments and a few small "courts" that exist off other streets. Exonia Park at the top of Exwick is known to be missing. There are several streets in there.

Streets That Are Missing
Street Area Or District Completed On Notes
Friars Green Central Exeter Shown on OS Streetview as a 'place', and added to OSM as such, but the exact street (or whatever it is) needs surveying.
Church Lane Central Exeter Not seen in web search, at least not in central Exeter.
Churchfield Path St Thomas Name Needs Checking
Exminster Missing Streets
Street Area Or District Completed On Notes
Exe View Exminster Near Townfield
Hillcrest Exminster
Holley Bank Exminster

Streets That No Longer Exist

Streets That No Longer Exist
Street Area Or District Completed On Notes
Lamb Alley Central Exeter Apparently no longer exists - see [1]
Broadgate Central Exeter
Albert Place Central Exeter According to [2] this was 'Albert-place, Coombe-street, Exeter', so somewhere here: [3]
Albany Road St Thomas Near St Thomas Station but no road signs to confirm name. Present in OSM without name.
Killerton Road Huxham Old track name
Galsworthy Square Whipton Now Orwell Garth?, EX4 8DX
Vachell Crescent Middlemoor Police HQ

Development Areas To Watch

  • Off Barley Lane St Thomas - new housing. Mapped to October 2010 - still being built
  • Off Ferndale Road, St Thomas - new housing Mapped to October 2010 - still being built
  • Marsh Barton Industrial Estate Growth near Matford
  • The Rydons area - large development in progress Mapped to early October 2010 - still being built
  • University campus developments - new buildings
  • Industrial buildings off Grenadier Road
  • Proposed Developments around the Pinhoe area
  • New Science Park
  • Airport link road (Clyst Honiton)
  • New Cranbrook Village. "John Grubb" has/is made/making detailed surveys of the development, its expansion and mapping the same as his time allows and expansion happens. Help is welcome, ideally on a detail and positional accuracy basis.

Public Transport

Exeter has a good network of bus and rail routes. All railway stations are on the map and most of the urban bus routes have been added as relations.

Bus Routes
Bus Number Route Relation Notes
A Alphington - Birchy Barton relation 278683
B Marsh Barton Industrial Estate - Sowton Industrial Estate relation 281286
D University - Rydon Lane Retail Park relation 284568
E Exwick - Beacon Heath relation 296225
F1 Exwick - Beacon Heath relation 297107
F2 Exwick - Summerway relation 297108
G Hamlin Gardens - Exeter Quay (limited service) relation 285148
H Cowley Bridge - Hospital - Rydon Lane Retail Park relation 284621
H1 Cowley Bridge - Hospital - Exeter Business Park relation 284620
K Countess Weir - Pinhoe relation 284521
M2 Honiton Road Park and Ride via Met Office (peak hours only) relation 284513
P Pensylvania - Crossmead relation 277342
PR2 Park and Ride 2 Honiton Road P & R to City Centre relation 284512
PR4 Park and Ride 4 City Centre - Sowton P & R relation 282897
PR5 Park and Ride 5 City to Matford Park and Ride relation 284567
R Rifford Road Circle relation 282642
S Rifford Road Circle relation 297111
SR4 Park and Ride 4 (Sowton P & R - City Centre) via Heavitree & Sowton Ind. Est. relation 285149
T Topsham - Pinhoe relation 284522

Railway Stations

  • Exeter St Davids - the main InterCity Station.
  • Exeter Central - the most convienient for the city centre.
  • Exeter St Thomas - served by local trains.
  • St James Park - for the football ground.
  • Polsloe Bridge - near Pinhoe Road serving the suburbs.
  • Digby & Sowton - serving the east of the city.
  • Topsham - serving that town.
  • Pinhoe - serving the village suburb.

Current Projects

OpenEcoMaps for Transition Exeter is based upon OSM data and the result in their website may be viewed here: Transition Exeter OpenEcoMaps

This link is a link to the MapOSMatic street listing for the city and surrounding areas. It may be of help for the completion of the city. MapOSMatic Exeter


  • Exeter Green Circle - this is a walking route around the city, waymarked by the Council. relation 272308


The following users are involved in mapping Exeter:

  • Guy
  • I like cats
  • Wilpin
  • Wilda69