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A transition town is a community of people, usually based in a town or village, who are responding to climate change and peak oil. The movement is a global one, like OpenStreetMap, and therefore could benefit from consistent global mapping. The movement's focus is on sustainability and resilience to the impending energy crisis that peak oil is forecast to bring. There is a transition network website that provides new information.

See Transition towns for details of particular towns that are being mapped in OpenStreetMap.

Mapping For Transition

Features that may be mapped for the transition community:

  • Recycling facilities
  • Public transport routes and stops
  • Low carbon power stations and wind turbines
  • Allotment gardens and community farms
  • Cycle routes
  • Local food stores and markets

This list is by no means exhaustive and there will be other themes that communities may wish to map.

OpenEcoMaps For Transition

Tom Chance has developed an OpenEcoMap website based upon OpenStreetMap data see OpenEcoMaps