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This is a list of Transistion Towns in the OpenStreeMap project. See the transition town page for a definition of what a transition town is.

Transition Mapping

An excellent example of what can be achieved is illustrated on this Sustainable London Map. Tom Chance has developed an excellent themed website that could be used by all transition communities.

What to Map

A selection of ideas of what to map may be found on the Transition town page. See the mapping for transition section. There are many features that may be of interest to the transition movement that relate to energy, transport and local facilities. See the Environmental_OSM page for details of environmental mapping.

Existing Transition Towns

As this is a global project not all towns will be listed here. Further details may be found at the wikipedia page on Transition Towns


Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Maleny, Australia


Dundas, Ontario, Canada

London, Canada


Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Witzenhausen, Hessen






Paredes em Transição, Porto


Brixton, London, UK

Bristol, UK

Exeter, UK. (A link to their OSM based OpenEcoMaps mapping may be viewed here).

Falmouth, UK

Finsbury Park, London, UK

Potobello, Edinburgh, UK

Totnes, UK


Albany, CA, USA

Louisville, Colorado, USA

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Putney, VT, USA

Sandpoint, Idaho

External Resources

The official transition map of places involved in the movement Transition Initiatives Map