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Natural environment features

Environmental OSM is a project to map out various systems that have an impact on the environment in hopes of helping to solve environmental problems.

Please use the discussion page to suggest and discuss other data we might survey and other uses for the data.


The following are some objectives of the Environmental OSM project:

  • Improve the tagging schema for environmental data
  • Define a strategy for surveying and providing this data throughout the wide environmental sector
  • Create specific maps for specialist environmental uses



Built environment features

Environmental monitoring


See the CircularEconomy WikiProject for more tagging related to recycling, reusing, sharing and repairing.


See Food security for related guidelines and ideas


See also: sustainable transport on Wikipedia

Natural habitats / land use

Green space

Green space access heatmap (hotter is further distance). A heatmap of Edinburgh showing access to leisure facilities, using OpenStreetMap data. From an idea by Hawkeye created by stevefaeembra.

Environmental features in development

  • Species/Genus names have been proposed in natural=tree but taxon=* has also been proposed.
    species=* tag has been used thousands of times and taxon=* much less often. See Tree discussion page
  • Vegetation coverage values for areas have been proposed at the bottom of taxon=*
  • Plant communities (National Vegetation Classification) proposal outlined in plant_community=*
  • Habitat mapping proposal based on the Phase One Habitat survey in the habitat=* page


  • Tagging the regulation of living modified organisms (LMO) including genetically modified organisms (GMO) — in French organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM).

Related initiatives



People interested

People Interested in Environmental OSM
User page Languages Location Skills and interests
Sam Larsen English New Zealand
TomChance UK
Maning Sambale English Philippines
Hawkeyes English Scotland
Marscot English Scotland
Brylie Oxley
Grow Bradford
Werner Leyh
Markus Gastauer
Ana Lucia Zandomeneghi
Paul Mackay
Ariosto Pacheco
Pomin Wu
Rosangela Ferreira dos Santos
Arun Ganesh
Aline Gomes Zaffani
Johnattan Rupire Spanish
Sandra Cavalcante Portuguese, English Brazil IT analyst, lawyer, environmental law specialist and PHD in Public Health
Angela Miazaki
Jamie Gray § Environment English USA UI / UX Design, Project Management
Sergey Golubev Russian, English Russia Naturalist, cartographer, specialist in the study of the environment and vegetation
Stéphane Guillou French, English, Spanish Australia
Jolesh English, German, Danish, Esperanto Europe