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Open and Recreational Space

This about the OPENSPACE layer of the MassGIS datasets.

The definitive MassGIS Open and Recreational Space page has a pointer to the files one can download, and a table of the layer-specific fields.

Things which it would be useful to add in here:

  • Pointers to the way to use tools to do this conversion as maybe


There is a lot of metadata in this layer which does not obviously map onto the OSM key/value pairs.

Mappings into Map_Features or Tagwatch/Descriptions.

  • PRIM_PURP: The primary purpose of the land.
    • R - Recreation (activities are facility based) ->leisure=recreation_ground
    • C - Conservation (activities are non-facility based) -> leisure=nature_reserve
    • B - Recreation and Conservation -> landuse=conservation ; leisure=recreation_ground
    • H - Historical/Cultural -> historic=yes
    • A - Agriculture -> agricultural=yes; landuse=farm
    • W - Water Supply Protection -> landuse=reservoir
    • S - Scenic (official designation only) scenic=yes
    • F - Flood Control -> landuse=land
    • Q - Habitat protection -> landuse=conservation
    • U - Site is underwater -> water=yes
    • O - Other (explain)
    • X - Unknown
  • LEV_PROT: Mapped to:
    • P: perpetuity
    • L: limited
    • T: temporary


Usage: python -s 10 -o 40000 -l osm/open open_4326.shp

Generated 43 files; manually de-duped using JOSM.

Uploading files using a wrapper around bulk_import:

 for i in $1/*.osm; do
   while [[ $J < '5' ]]; do
     echo "$J: $i"
     perl -u -p password -a -i $i

Checked out bulk_import directory, checked out inside of it, and edited the path in bulk_impot 'use lib' line.


Typo in conversion code resulted in 'conservation_rganization', which will need to be fixed once the data is all uploaded.

Typo in conversion code resulted in 'landuse=resevoir'.

  • changed to 'reservoir' (in multiple changesets, sorry)

The following ways still contain the "resevoir" typo but are too large to edit without splitting first:

  • 29783457
  • 29762522
  • 29815840
  • 29815840
  • 29835446
  • 32318125
  • 32318654
  • 32540144
  • 32540786
  • 32541060

More short names fixed, at r13107

Names to fix:


  • Interested: User:TimBL
  • Managing most of the grunt work: crschmidt
  • Helping: cmarqu
  • Watching with interest: Blackadder

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