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Ramsar sites are wetland wildlife conservation areas nominated by states parties to the convention signed at Ramsar, Iran in 1971.

Shape Files

The secretariat of the convention, [1] has confirmed that GIS shape files of Ramsar sites are in the public domain: osm-talk.

Shapefiles are available at [2] (registration required) for the following European countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland.

Datasets for other countries are visible on the Wetlands International site, but have not been made available for download. In some cases, e.g., the United Kingdom, this is likely to be for copyright reasons. Shapefiles are prepared by the countries themselves, so they may vary in the format of the shp-file (UTM, GEO,...)


The precise tagging of the wide range of different categories of sites for nature conservation has not been worked out in any detail. Therefore this is only a tentative suggestion of how to tag Ramsar sites.

Sites should be tagged leisure=nature_reserve, and possibly landuse=conservation (see Proposed features/conservation), with an additional ramsar=yes. Care should be taken to not cause conflict with existing tags of a similar nature. Many Ramsar sites may contain explicit nature reserves (owned by conservation bodies) with different boundaries to the Ramsar site.

In addition Ramsar sites may be covered by other conservation categories, such as SSSI status in Great Britain, and SAC and SPAs in the European Union. A good example of this is Rutland Water, where the western shore is a nature reserve operated by the local Wildlife Trust and Anglian Water, and the whole reservoir is an SSSI, an SPA, and a Ramsar site.


Antigua and Barbuda

  • Codrington Lagoon relation Map


  • Srebarna Nature Reserve relation Map


  • Larnaca salt lake relation Map




  • Bodrogzug relation Map
  • Felsö-Tisza relation Map
  • Hortobágy relation Map
  • Ipoly-völgy relation Map


  • Grunnafjördur relation Map
  • Thjórsárver relation Map
  • Mývatn-Laxá relation Map


  • Yatsu-higata (谷津干潟) relation Map





Site number Code Name Designation date Map
0332 MEX-001 Humedal de Importancia Especialmente para la Conservación de Aves Acuáticas Reserva Ría Lagartos 04-07-1986 relation map
1322 MEX-010 Laguna de Tecocomulco 27-11-2003 relation Map
1323 MEX-011 Parque Nacional Isla Contoy 27-11-2003 relation Map
1324 MEX-012 Parque Nacional Isla Isabel 27-11-2003 relation Map
1326 MEX-014 Playa Tortuguera Rancho Nuevo 27-11-2003 way Map
1327 MEX-015 Playa Tortuguera Tierra Colorada 27-11-2003 way Map
1338 MEX-025 Laguna de Sayula 02-02-2004 relation Map
1345 MEX-032 Islas Marietas 02-02-2004 relation Map
1357 MEX-044 Reserva de la Biosfera Archipiélago de Revillagigedo 02-02-2004 relation Map
1359 MEX-046 Isla San Pedro Mártir 02-02-2004 relation Map
1603 MEX-063 Isla Rasa 02-02-2006 relation Map
1791 MEX-091 Estero El Chorro 02-02-2008 way Map




  • Fajã dos Cubres (Azores) relation Map

Slovak Republic





  • Akyatan Lagoon relation Map
  • Gediz Delta relation Map
  • Göksu Delta relation Map
  • Kuş Gölü relation Map
  • Kizören Obrouk relation Map
  • Kuş Gölü relation Map
  • Lake Burdur relation Map
  • Lake Seyfe relation Map
  • Meke Maar relation Map
  • Sultan Marshes relation Map
  • Uluabat Gölü relation Map
  • Yumurtalik Lagoons relation Map
  • Lake Kuyucuk relation Map