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OpenEcoMaps (dead link : provides free embeddable eco-living OpenLayers maps and pretty GeoJSON and KML files using OpenStreetMap data, and a customised Potlatch 2 editor.

It was created by TomChance with the intention of making OpenStreetMap data easier for local sustainability groups to use on their web site, and thereby to encourage them to contribute to OpenStreetMap.

Data documentation

OpenEcoMaps takes data using the Overpass_API and makes pretty GeoJSON and KML files using a wide range of tags that are documented here.

Source code

Available on Github:

TODO / wish list

  • Deploy with capistrano on live server
  • Make process of combining features more flexible/modular, so it's easier to create custom KML and GeoJSON files on request
  • Use Leaflet instead of OpenLayers